Tee Grizzley Apologizes To FBG For ‘Smoking Brick?’

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Tee Grizzley appeared to have issued an apology to Fly Boy Gang for disrespecting their slain brother and friend Brick.

Tee was cooling with Team600 rapper Booka when he said, “We smoking Brick off in the lobby.”


In July, Brick was shot and killed in the Woodlawn neighborhood in South Side Chicago. The slayings happened on 63rd and St. Lawrence.

Grizzley posted a video where he spoke on calling a truce over whatever issues people may have with him.

“Anyone who don’t like me or got a problem with me, and if it’s real like that, don’t DM me,” Grizzley said. “Or anything, whether you family, I don’t know you or whatever. DM me, and let me know how we can move past it. If I really offended you, I apologize. I’ll be the bigger person. Cause life is too short. I’m feeling good today. Just go on and move past the s**t, whoever don’t like me. But if it done already went too far, and if it’s real like that. Don’t DM me. Y’all don’t DM me. But to the people who it ain’t really serious and it’s just little tension. But DM me, let’s move past that s**t, man. Cause a lot of people don’t know me personally. You can’t have no personal problem with me. Opps opps, big opps, don’t DM me, I’m out here.”

King Yella was upset with Grizzley, and took to IG to diss the Detroit rapper.

In a video captioned “h*e a– snitch,” he said, “Tee Grizzley, on my mama you a die you b***h a– n***a. On Brick, I bet not catch yo b***h a–. F**k wrong with you.”


FBG Duck and FBG Young dissed Tee Grizzley in song “DOA.”

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