Tekashi69 Says He Still Pulling Up In Los Angeles


Tekashi69 has been facing pressure from LA OGs for his refusal to not check in. The Brooklyn rapper delivered a message to those who want to test his gangster.

“To all the fans, I want y’all to know Tekashi69 and the scum gang did not cancel no shows in LA. Even though the show got cancelled, we still gon be in LA. My brother just came home. Did 10, now he free. But we gon be in LA, you her me?”

Tekashi69 went to say he’d put a no-fly zone on any of his haters who want to come to New York.

“And n***s, if y’all wanna act like b****s we will call no fly zone in the East Coast, n***a,” he said. “So be quiet when you in the f*****g East Coast.”

In Kashi’s IG caption, he wrote, “D**k sucking scary West Coast clout chasin rappers wanna cancel shows. I’m still coming, no shows and all. I’ma show y’all how gangstas move! LA West Coast I love you. Y’all just got b---- a-- n****s in y’all city. I can’t even banned y’all from the east coast cause y’all don’t even got a nam or fan base to come out here!!”

Controversy began after Tekashi took to social media days ago to say he doesn’t need to check in with anyone in their city.


“There’s gangsters all over this world. East coast, west coast, down south, up north, All over the world, there’s gangsters,” Tekashi said. “I don’t check into nobody. I respect everybody’s soil that I walk on, but I will not check in anywhere I go, and it’s gonna stay like that. Stop telling n****s, n****s gotta check in. It’s 2018, n****s mention my name for clout. It’s not even about gangsters and respect, n****s’ words and g-code, It’s now, ‘Oh, I want clout. I wanna make a name for myself.’ Everybody who mention my name is a f*****g rapper. Y’all not f*****g gangsters. Y’all rappers and y’all want names for y’all selves. It’s not gon happen. I don’t check in nowhere I go.”

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