Tekashi69 Says He’s The King Of New York

Tekashi69 is proclaiming to be the king of New York. Tekashi took to social media to back his controversial statement.

“A lot of people feel some type of way that I’m the king of New York,” Tekashi said. “I feel you, but if I wasn’t the king of New York, don’t you think somebody would’ve stopped me by now? Don’t you think somebody would’ve put an end to that? If I wasn’t the king of New York, y’all wouldn’t even wanna pay me no mind. Y’all be like, ‘Just let that f*****g clown talk.’ Y’all be so caught in y’all feelings cause y’all know it’s true.”

Tekashi said it’s his rainbow hair that has people upset.

He continued, “Ya’ll be like, ‘yo, why is this n*gga winning and I’m not? Why is my raps, and I’m more talented than the kid, not working… and this kid is screaming on the mic, and that get’s ya’ll so f*cking tight.”

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