The Game Says He Approached Lil Durk In LA, OTF Rapper Reacts

The Game and Lil Durk were embroiled in a heated rap beef in Summer 2014. The two eventually came to a resolution.

The Game spoke on how the beef kicked off during his recent Power 105 The Breakfast Club interview.

“I just was looking out for Tyga,” he said. “He called me, I never even heard of Durk before that. I just went in on somebody I ain’t know. People don’t really wanna beef with me. If it get real, then it’s a problem.”

The West Coast rapper then clarified what actually occurred during his confrontation with Lil Durk in LA during

“He was in LA at Rick Ross party and we found him,” Game said. “We went to him. I saw Durk and he was a little guy, man. He was cool, man. It just went away. Most of the time when I see dudes I real life it physically it’s unmatched.”

Durk took to Twitter after hearing news of Game’s comments.

“He found me lol wtf

“Glad I’m not a Twitter gangster …….. Remember me,” he wrote.

L.A Leakers caught up with Lil Durk in Summer 2014 for the scoop behind the club confrontation between himself and Game during the weekend of the 2014 BET Awards.

“The whole club scene was just like a standoff,” Durk said. “I’m holding my ground. They like, ‘I’m holding my ground, too.’ …Where I’m from we don’t run. Especially for us being in another city on the come up. Can’t let nobody do that to us.

“After the little bullsh-t, the next day one of the homies name G weed, he had put me and Game on three-way,” Durk continued. “And we had squashed it from there. It wasn’t on nobody got b-tches type sh-t.”

Durk even hinted a possible music collaboration with The Game, saying anything could happen.

Game took to Twitter to announce he and Lil Durk ended their beef a day following the confrontation.

“My Big homie ‘G Weed’ put @lildurk_ on the phone wit me. Sh-t is Dead! We chopped it up like REAL N-GGAS & both sides respect each other,” he wrote.

Durk confirmed Game’s statement, writing, “@thegame @G_weeder149 a real one homie chiraq x LA.”

Durk and Game’s beef initially exploded after the West Coast MC hopped on Tyga’s “Chiraq To L.A.” diss track.

Game would again take a shot at Lil Durk in “Bigger Than Me.”

Game raps, “Your Freshman cover a whole bunch of soft a-- n-ggas/Tampon lyricists, evacuate the premises.”

Game continues, rapping, “Frank Ocean, go ahead and f-ck these n-ggas/Yeah, they f-ck n-ggas/Ain’t no three stacks in your class/Take your Top 10 spot and shove it up your a--, b-tch boy.”

Lil Durk responded to Game in his “0 To 300” freestyle, rapping, “I was in L.A., Game wanted a hook, n-gga… Tyga went to go pay him, I think he shook n-gga/He a come to Chicago and meet that Wuk n-gga or that Count n-gga or that (?) ni-gga or that Twin n-gga/Bump, he in the Feds, n-gga/How you gon d-ck ride the block to get a pass, n-gga/I see you in L.A., you ain’t get no pass, n-gga!”

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