Top Shotta Is On Point In ‘Shots Fired, Shots Landed’ Mixtape

Top Shotta has been on the underground rap scene for sometime. He was present from the beginning grooming young rap protégé Lil Mouse’s music career as well as his own. Shotta has stayed consistent on the underground rap scene steadily building his music catalog to show the world he was ready for the spotlight.

Shotta brings fear to the game with his solo debut project “Shots Fired, Shots Landed,” hosted by DJ Shon, DJ Amaris and DJ Suspence. Shotta’s vivid description of street tales places the listener right in his shoes.

Shotta’s opening single “F*ck Fame” sets the tone for what listeners can expect from this project.

Shotta says others think he changed cause of the fame. But Shotta says he is just the same ol gangsta from the Wild Hundreds. The only thing that changed, according to Shotta, is his ends.

Shotta raps, “These n****s know my name, know my name/So f**k fame, f**k fame/I’m tryna get these mils on my plate, so f**k fame, f**k fame/I can put your face in a frame, that’s yo fame, yo fame/I knew this n****s with me since pre-K, so f**k fame and yo gang.”

Top Shotta upped his intensity for “Hittas,” a Dboy production. Shotta is a mastermind behind the trigger, rapping, “Catch a n***a lackin, then I gun his down/44-5 or nine with 30 rounds/A-Ks, mack-10, hit em with the pump/Leave a f**k n---- corpse laying in a trunk/It’s decomposition, so it’s smelling like a skunk/I don’t mind that, I just smoke another blunt/If n****s out here scared, then they better go to church/You playing with my killers, got your man’s in a hearse/Since day f*****g one, I was born with a curse/Can’t f**k with oppositions, man that s**t a never work.”

Shotta linked up with fellow Hella Bandz rapper Ebone Hoodrich for “A Lot Of Bandz,” a Dboy production.

Shotta hits this track, rapping, “You can’t start a war if you ain’t getting money/You can’t get money if you tryna start a war/I’m always in my hood, finna take a trip to yours/Lamborghini truck and we riding on fours/Hard knock with me, so you know the burner close.”

Ebone is dope boy fresh, rapping, “I’m balling hard, I feel like the Bulls/I’m trapping hard, my pockets full/On 43rd, I’m on the low/I’m busting jugs/I’m selling birds in yo neighborhood/Got that 30 on me, I wish a n***a would.”

Shotta is anti-opp. This is all too apparent in his sinister track “Opp N-----.” This single comes of as a dare to any opp who dares to test the Wild Hundreds OG.

Shotta raps, “That glock got me protected/Manny got that Smith and Weston/And number nine, I die for my section/These streets ain’t no exception/Show nothing, but aggression/I smoke a n****a like 2-5s and push that dope for the seven/Pacquiao off in the cuts like SkyWalker with a 2-11/Posted at the store, tryna catch this package from the seven.”

Shotta’s “Asthma” single made its debut in early September and appears on this tape.

Shotta raps, “For the opps I’m searching/My ni**as always lurking/Take pisses off in their hearses/Write FTO in cursive/And he got the gun and he thirsty/Shoot 42 like James Posey/The glock 24 Kobe/Mayweather left now it’s over ”

Shotta and young Hella Bandz protégé Lil Mouse are “Foreal” in their Dboy production.

The two MCs aren’t for play as they spit drill talk.

Shotta raps, “For my n****s, I’m whacking for real/No black and decker, but this is a drill/Like some crops, all my n****s in the field/All my n****s real thief, they cuffin steel/Like a director, all I want is action/Pump hit em, turn his body into ashes.”

Mouse comes in, rapping, “All my n****s in the field, they bout to drill/Catch a opp lacking from the bop, then he get killed/Shot insane, he keep that thang, he off a pill/Everyday a barbecue, I’m finna grill/11 at my home base, I f**k the ville/sneak dissing don’t get you on, it get you killed/Call my shooter heavy loader do a drill/He a shooter, man I call him Landry Fields.”

Shotta delivers on this tape. One word of caution to listeners that preview this tape: Do not listen before bedtime. Nightmares are 100 percent likely to occur. Shotta’s descriptive tales of street life are horrifying. Shotta felt the energy of the beat and then let the rhymes flow. He gives listeners his point of view from behind the gun. Shotta never misses his target and his level of accuracy carried into the booth. He was on point with his lyricism in piecing together his story as a Wild Hundreds native on the streets of Chiraq.

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