Billionaire Black Gets All Praise In ‘Clout God’ Mixtape

What is a “Clout God?” Billionaire Black preached a sermon to fans on his upper tier cloutness in the rap game.

To have clout, one must have money and a heavy street presence. Billion’s street name suggests green isn’t a problem and his affiliation with 63rd and St. Lawrence solidifies his street credibility.

But Billion doesn’t proclaim to simply have clout. He boasts to be a “Clout God,” several clout levels above the rest. Billion’s sophomore mixtape project, hosted by DJ Shon, DJ Amaris, DJ Cortez and DJ Legacy, features 11 tracks of pure Chicago/Chiraq Hip Hop to back this claim.

Billion fires off this tape with partner in crime FBG Duck. The two live by the gun in “Poppin’ Da Clip.”

This single features an audio clip of an exchange between Tommy and Sincere in the urban classic film “Belly.”

DMX, who portrays Tommy, gives a chilling performance in this scene, saying, “Ain’t no motherf*****g purpose. We born to f*****g to die. In the meantime, get money. F**k a book.”

Billion ain’t for none when it comes to his money, rapping, “My hitters turn up on dummy, f**k n***as get boxed in his s**t/Man down on the scene, face shots and we hopped in the whip/You see helicopters and s**t, he come copping the s---, cause I’m poppin the clip.”

Billion’s right hand man Duck lends him an assist on this track, rapping, “This rapping s**t getting easy, I feel like no one can beat me/But you don’t want to try that beat cause you will get left bleeding/And I be getting tree tree with two h**sm they name was Ri Ri/Got them b*****s off them yowps, them b*****s was boppin like we at a fi fi.”

Billion is losing his damn mind as he hears “Voices” in his head in the Dilly-produced track.

Billion goes crazy, rapping, “Said I think I lost my mind, I’m steady hearing voices/I love fast money like mil in them Porsches/N***a, you ain’t bout that life, you just hopped off the porches/I’m bout that action, done with rapping, time to stick to (?)/I’m steady hearing voices, got me going crazy.”

Billion got some feminine support in this track. The young femcee, who remains nameless, delivers some solid bars, rapping, “He like getting money, I likes to count it up/Took some Remy to the head while I bag it up/B***h, I be turning up/I be smoking dope/Stay with some bad b*****s, I got some prissy h**s/I think I’m hearing voices, yeah my money calling.”

Billion is hustling in the ‘Trap House’ with Freek on look out. Billion equates his trap spot to a store, saying he has everything fiend needs, rapping, “I count up like Wale, you know I need them bandz/Fiends beating down my door, they need that white sand/I got what you need, I got them white grams/I got Hannah Montana and that white man/My shorties work door, Billion, they serving s**t/In the kitchen, water whipping, hurricane wrist.”

Billion and HG Locks of NYC rap group Hunned Gang collabed for the hustlers’ track “Get Money,” a Money Beatz production.

Billionaire’s eyes are lock on green in this track, rapping, “Get money, get money, get money, I’m flexing/This banger up on me if you run up on me, s--- might get hectic/I’m drinking this syrup, shout out my partners in Texas/I’m smoking the dope to the face, so I’m never motherf*cking stretching/Get money, get money, I’m running through bands.”

Much of the world has their attention focused on Chicago’s burgeoning rap scene, due largely in part to the advent of social media. Billionaire Black is one of the artists that have worked to make a name for himself in this growing market.

With much of the world watching these artists’ every move, it could very well be hard to remain level headed. But Billion continues to keep all “10 Toes Down,” rapping, “I ain’t got no friends, b***h I’m ten toes down/Heard you got them Benjamins, I need those now/I f**k with 50 strong, so shout out dope pound/My n***a copped a whole, roll up a whole pound/Squad and C-O, they take yo h*e down.”

Billioniare Black, FBG Duck and Jimbo Go Dumb are counting up money in “Add It Up.”

Duck talks trap life, rapping, “Break it down, add it up/Pockets getting they cabbage up/Foenem got a shipment coming in on 18 wheeler trucks/Why the f**k they mad at us/Take em down and let us go/Baby, I’m a villain cause I do not that do that savage stuff/Wanna be just like me gotta do a lotta catching up.”

Black raps, “I’m the man and you know that/Billion Black, picture perfect like Kodak/I squeeze 30 shots in your throwback/Off the lean and I’m asking where the dope at/Catch a opp, smoke em and they bag em up/give Richie Jerk a bag of money, told em add it up.”

Billioniare got the perfect track for everyone to diddy bop to. A familiar track that made its way onto this tape was “Diddy Bop” featuring Lil Nuka where he raps. “Billionaire hits the track, rapping, Said I diddy bop in my rocks/Got a couple hundreds on me/Got Burberry on me/And you know we smoking OG/Off a molly, probably OD/I swear broke b- – – – -s blow me/Talking crazy gonna have to show me/Gotta bank roll, no rollie.”

FBG Duck has been a strong presence throughout Billion’s tape. The single “Won’t Say A Word” was no different as the FBG giant towers over this track, rapping, “If 12 pull me over, I won’t say a word/I’m skeeting off on they a-- dropping off the turn/Started from the bottom, flyer than a bird/Shout out to my block, that’s what they deserve/N****s say they been through a lot, I done been through worst/All this fufu s**t getting on all my nerves,”

Black is strapped in traffic, “I hopped up in that whip, now I’m getting that swerve/Roll up the dope, now we smoking herb/Now I’m pole up, you know I’m sippin syrup/Got the 30 on me, run up on me got a lot of nerve.”

Another familiar track that made its way onto this tape is the Billionaire and Kid Smoke collaborative single “Take My Shirt Off.”

Billionaire Black goes dumb on this track, rapping, “B----, I’m Billionaire Black, I get more cash than your boss/I’m sipping dirty sprite, I swear I might doze off/I say money, money, money, I get cash all night/And my ni**as riding with me, so I guess I’m all right/Ain’t no talking, see a opp, its sos, we shoot him on site/We aint doing drive-bys, we do walk-ups 30s and pipe.”

Billion set his mark on the rap game with the release of his solo debut mixtape “Call Of Duty: Dead Opps.” Billion’s talents shone bright on this project. It was then known the FBG rapper would be a problem in the rap game.

Every rapper must worry about the sophomore jinx coming off of a successful debut. But it was no worries for Billionaire who silenced doubters and brought to fans a superb project.

One can appreciate this tape because it was well put together. One can also appreciate the time Billion put into this project. Billionaire’s solo debut project was released in July 2013, which means he put six months worth of work in this tape.

Billion stayed consistent on the underground level releasing singles to maintain his buzz.

I personally like an artist that takes serious pride in their craft. Personally, it’s hard for me to take any artist’s craft serious when he/she puts out a mixtape every other month. Billion gave listeners eleven solid tracks as opposed to 20 hit and miss tracks.

Each beat on this project appeared to be carefully selected because it meshed well with Billion’s flow. FBG Duck’s assistance also added value to this project.

Billion’s “Clout God” deserves all Hip Hop praise on this one.

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