Twista Disses Spike Lee’s ‘Chi-Raq’ Movie, Hypno Carlito Responds

Twista was not impressed by Spike Lee’s trailer for his forthcoming film “Chi-Raq.”

The legendary Chicago rapper clowned the two-minute trailer with two memes posted onto his IG account.

Twista’s criticism of the project didn’t sit right with Hypno Carlito. The OTF rapper was closely involved with the soundtrack for the film lending his songwriting talents on Nick Cannon’s “Pray 4 My City.”

“Not you too my n***a twista.. Smh #TheHateBeSoReal,” he wrote in the comment section of Twista’s IG post.

Twista would go on to explain his reasoning to Carlito for not backing the film:

“@hypnocarlito sometimes in life fam everything ain’t about a check, I could of left and moved to LA or Atl and made my career bigger than what it is but I wanted to stay and rep my city. What @spikelee is portraying ain’t art, it’s a director coming to chicago and getting paid off the name #chiraq if he had said ‘proceeds of the movie will go to rebuilding a park or a scholarship’ then maybe I would support it , but no he came to our city, shot a bullsh*t film, then he wanna ride off the press so he can get a bigger check. I usually don’t even get involved in stuff like this but when I see kids dying and teens getting killed over real sh*t and @spikelee wanna come and make something totally left, nah bro I gotta say my opinion and stand on it. We gotta live wit whateva repercussions or BS that’s left after that movie is shown. Spike gets to go back to New York and live his life and shoot another crappy movie.”

Carlito respected Twista opinion, but still maintained his stance:

“@twistagmg Opinion! I Hear You, I Understand, But At The Same Time, You Can’t Blame Spike. That’s What He Do, Create Movies, And He Is Shedding Light On The Situation That’s At Hand. I Appeciate The Opportunity And I’m Grateful. My Opinion Stays The Same #Chicago #ChiraqTheMovie Dec 4th 2015”

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