Lil Herb Talks Nicki Minaj Mentioning Him In Angry Safaree Text Messages

Multiple gossip websites ran a story revealing the explosive fallout between Nicki Minaj and ex-boyfriend Safaree in text messages. Even more telling about the text message was the mentioning of Lil Herb.

Nicki wrote:

“I sent every n***a in the game the txt u sent me wen herb was here. Then told them u didn’t come with me to the studio today. While I’m by myself. N****z gon fuk u up in dem streets… Watch!!!!!!!!!! N****z r gna FUK ur clown ass up in dem streets for s*****n on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t have to work n cldnt bring my bags down the stairs?!??!?? But cmn here wit guns wen herb was here to show off for a 18 yr old?!?!?!!! Meek was here today u lil b***h. I was f****n him in the live room.”

Lil Herb collaborated with Nicki Minaj on the viral hit record “Chiraq.”

G Herbo sat down with Sway In The Morning to reveal the back-story behind the alleged incident in the explosive text:

“I thought it was fake until I read that. I’m like damn. I’m like ‘She really said that.’ She wasn’t supposed to know [Safaree] had that in there. She wasn’t even right there. We was in a whole nother area and he showed me that. …Ain’t sh*t but a gun. I see guns all the time. …Then [Safaree] put it back up in his car. We wasn’t even in the studio… After that I didn’t see it again in the studio.”

Check out G Herbo’s explain incident at nine-minute mark above.

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