Two Omega Psi Members Record Themselves Sneaking Into Super Bowl

Two students from Savannah State University have pulled off the unthinkable. The two young men, who happen to be members of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., successfully snuck into the 47th annual Super Bowl in New Orleans at the Super Dome.

According to one of the young men, they were able to make it past the “first wave of security,” by simply walking police officers.

“They should’ve stopped us. They should’ve stopped us, but they didn’t,” one of the young men can be heard saying. “First wave of security.”

Their plan almost hit a snag after a security guard questioned them on where they were headed.

“Where you trying to go,” the security guard asked.

“We’re trying to go to the gate to get inside the game. We are filming a documentary,” one of the young men responded.

“Well, you gotta get scanned in,” she replied.

The young men complied and follow the security guard a few steps and turn back around to head on their mission. The Que dogs were able to get into the game just in time for Beyonce’s halftime show.

At the conclusion of the video, one of the young men says, “You wanna know how Ques do it? Anything is possible. Put your mind to it and your mind right.”

One of the young men who goes by the name Malachie YoungBlood @YoungBloodz11 took to instagram to upload several photographs from their epic voyage.

“Enjoying Ever Second! This Is Wat We Do! #Superbowl #Ravens #49ers,” read the caption on the photo.

The young men state will be releasing a full-length documentary soon.

Head over to photo gallery to view more photos from the Ques’ mission by clicking here.

Check out the Ques mini-doc below

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