Tyga Disses Lil Durk In ‘Chiraq’ Snippet, OTF Rapper Responds

Tyga wasn’t going to sit idly by and let Lil Durk get over with a diss in Meek Mill’s “Chi-Raq” remix.

Tyga dropped a snippet of “Chi-Raq” where he throws shots at the OTF frontman, rapping, “Know some Hoover n****s that down to ride for a homicide when it’s drama time/N****s thinking that they MCs can get touched when it’s hammer time/Who the f**k is Lil Durk?/I dust you like ashin purp/Yo flow whack, my flow crack/Got marble floors, yo floors cracked.”

Durk soon learned of Tyga’s diss and issued a response on social media, writing, “Evertime a n***a rap beef he get clapped up in a couple weeks ig comments and a couple tweets Location on we can go and meet #chiraq.”

Durk drew first blood after releasing a snippet of his “Chi-Raq” verse where he takes aim at the “Rack City” rapper.

Lil Durk tore into Tyga, rapping, “Heard Tyga sneak dissing on me, telling thot b*****s I’m not right/Tyga only got one name, but that n***a only got one stripe/He backpack, so it’s easy to get the n***a s**t snatched/Ask money (?) to get his s**t back/It’s Chiraq don’t come her. You ain’t from here, don’t come here.”

Durk spoke with XXL Mag to give insight on the issue that led the two artists’ beef.

The beef, according to Durk, stems from a line in his upcoming song “Get Dat Money” featuring French Montana and Chris Brown.

The line in question has Durk making a remark about Tyga’s wife and child’s mother Blac Chyna.

“It wasn’t a diss, it was just a line, like, I want her and sh*t. It wasn’t no diss. …Tyga heard the line and felt some type of way. It was tension since then,” Durk said.

Durk says he doesn’t plan to issue response track if Tyga does decide to lyrically retaliate. Durk is opting for a more physical response.

“I won’t respond back to him. Everything I said in that rap will be for real, though. So if I ever see him, he’s getting his sh*t took,” Durk said.

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