Vic Mensa Says Chicago Got Worse Under Barack Obama

#VicMensa says #Chicago got worse under former president #BarackObama ? Is this true? ?

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Vic Mensa is critical of any president candidate. Vic opened up on his thoughts surrounding the nation’s highest office during a sit-down interview with Larry King on Larry King Now.

“I had to come to terms with the fact that nobody getting into office as the president of the United States is really like my candidate, is really representing me or my people,” Vic said. “Our win is not on that stage.”

King asked Vic if Obama represented him well, to which the rapper dismissed.

“I live five, six blocks away from Barack Obama’s home. So I watched my neighborhood not improve and my city not improve and my community not improve, maybe get worse in the time that Obama was in office,” Vic said. “And I recognize that he’s the president of the United States, but I don’t think that Obama’s agenda was very often to represent the people and do well by the people. I feel like he was often times very careful with what he said regarding race.”

Vic also offered thoughts on Donald Trump’s presidency. Watch below.

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