Mixtape Review: Vonno- ‘Go Hard Or Go Broke’

Vonno of StainGang was a rising MC hailing from Chicago before his tragic shooting death this past summer. The 20-year-old rapper, born Javante Johnson, lost his life during a botched robbery attempt Friday, July 25 in Calumet City, IL. Vonno was working on his upcoming mixtape “Go Hard Or Go Broke” prior to his demise. The project’s lead single is eerily titled “I Might Die” and was recorded just a week before his death.

The team behind Vonno made sure to honor his name the right way with his newly released DJ Honorz-hosted project.

Vonno’s 24-track tape proves he was a workhorse. But of course, his mixtape is titled “Go Hard Or Go Broke,” right? Vonno gets straight to business in his mixtape-titled intro, which he refers to as the realest sh-t he’s ever written. Among the persons Vonno shouts out in this track’s opening seconds is his daughter.

Vonno raps, “I don’t need no f-cking help/You ain’t felt what I done felt/Pops was a drug dealer, momma was a pain healer/Flamed a loud and thanking my daughter for the painkiller.”

Vonno says he’s had to “Struggle” all of his life. “No one gave me sh-t,” he says in the opening seconds of his Cashmoney AP-produced track. He raps, “Right now sh-t rough, boy I can’t lie/OG hurting, tears all in her eyes/I miss my (?), RIP and free the guys/I wish Guapo was here to see the guys/It’s the struggle, I ain’t have no father/I had to teach myself when sh-t got harder.”

Vonno watches the company he keeps. He doesn’t rock with too many people so it’s a must he keeps his circle tight. And that circle is StainGang. StainGang is a crew of go-getters.

Von raps, “They fake a-- f-ck, they hate on us and I can see that/Got stupid tats and stupid racks, so I’m conceited/In the club, throwing dubs, swoller than a meat head/I’ma skinny n-gga but my squad still eating.”

Vonno is on some me-sh-t in song “Myself.” He had plans to attain riches all by his lonesome in this Nahara-produced track, rapping, “Started from a trey-five, I ain’t have a pot to piss/Same clothes, I never switch/But h*es was still on my d-ck/I’m real, you fake/We just don’t mix.”

Being hungry will do a lot to a person’s psyche. It’d make one not give a damn. This is Vonno and Billionaire Black’s mentality in song “IDGAF.” Von and Billion get it by any means in their Cashmoney AP production.

Vonno and I.L Will ball like it’s the video game series “2K.”

I.L handles the hook on this joint, rapping, “Only f-ck with n-ggas who gone ride for me. Searching for a stain and we riding dirty/Got two Ks and a lot of 40s/This ain’t 2K, but I’m balling, homie.”

Von raps, “B-tch, I’m StainGang, my n-gga riding for me/Smoking all this dope got my vision blurry/I ball like Bron and you Eddy Curry/My 40 on me, so I’m never worried.”

Vonno’s tape isn’t lacking on tracks and will definitely keep listener’s ears busy. Von proved he was very well capable of putting together a solid project.

Stream/download project below.

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