King Louie Dabbles In R&B In ‘Soprano’ Mixtape (Review)

King L pulled a Beyonce and released a project on Nov. 7 with zero promotion. No forewarning was provided to fans. We’re not complaining, though. New music from Tony is a good thing.

A majority of tracks recorded on this tape were Louie letting off some sexual frustration and boasting his bedroom skills.

King Louie asks fans to provide him with a reason why he’s “So Real” in his opening track. King L attributes his pimp skills to his realness.

Louie raps, “Smoking his dope and I’m f-cking these h-es, yeah I’m so super sonic/I told her don’t stop and she got my d-ck hard and I told jump on it/The f-ck is you talking about, I was big pimping when Jay was wearing button-ups.”

Tony tapped Leek to provide the background vocals on track “Give You That.” Louie freak talks a shorty letting her know the things he plans to do to her. But it’s her who actually gives it to Tony. The Mubu boss is clearly sprung as he raps, “P*ssy smell good, it should be fragrance/P*ssy so good made me pay the rent/P*ssy so good, had to tell her that/P*ssy so good that it made the rap/Her head so good, it don’t make no sense.”

Louie says “M.O.N.E.Y.” has power. According to him, it makes the world round and the girls go down.

He raps, “Money got me living the life/For that money, n-ggas will take yo life/Money got me f-cking yo wife/She money hungry, cool, that’s alright/That means she gon do the team tonight/Money, money, money, mo money.”

Sometimes a simple text can lead to some sex. Louie is a witness to the powers of mms. Louie and his woman get down to business in song “Sexin.”

Louie raps, “I say let’s have sex, she say I’m a mess/Hit me with that flex, now we sexing/Baby, you the best, baby you the best/Girl, you know I’m into you, I’m tryna see what that sex do/Kissing on her neck, I done got her wet/Shortly after that, we sexin.”

Louie already put it out there that “M.O.N.E.Y” runs the world. It comes as no surprise why it’s always on his mind. Tony is chasing dollar signs in this record, rapping, “Money on my mind and them bands a make her dance/F-ck it, I’ma throw a party, Mubu gang, Money Team/We hit licks for that green/Yo b-tch wanna do the team.”

King L is one of a kind. The copycats are just “Clones.” But this is what happens when one gains success. Louie talks the cons of being Tony, rapping, “Mo money mo problems/Bad b-ches, I got em/I come from the bottom/I grew up finessing, you grew up sneak dissing/Cut the grass, they hissing/With my n-ggas wishing a b-tch n-gga would.”

Louie gives listeners’ ears some raw and uncut bars in the tape’s final track, rapping, “All I do is spit dope, I’m a speaking plug/Broad daylight drill, put the sleep in pub/Leaks got a n-gga eating, homie where’s the grub/Balling, no sub/H*es in a nightclub, born a young thug.”

Louie scores a win for dabbling in some R&B in this tape. It showed his versatility in song creation in the studio. Much props goes to the singer(s) who provided the Trey Songz-esque background vocals on this project.

This seven-track project serves as an appetizer to his forthcoming mixtape “Drilluminati 3.”

Stream/download Tony’s “Soprano” below.

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