Mixtape Review: Boss Woo and Castro- ‘SnoBlock Vol. 1’

Mubu’s Boss Woo and Castro rep hard for their fallen comrade Sno Boy in their first-ever joint mixtape “SnoBlock.” This collaborative project features the hosting talents of DJ Honorz, DJ Shon and DJ Amaris. Boss Woo and Castro accomplished a difficult task in recording bangers on this tape song after song in their 14-track effort.

Woo and Castro get straight to work in their opening “SnoBlock Intro.”

Woo is up first, rapping, “My b-tch stupid thick, she got a super a--/I beat it flat, I’m off a green (-)/Brought it back, I put it in like the internet/Hit and go like I hit and run/Paper chase, I’m on a marathon.”

Castro follows, rapping,”Danger, I’m a hazard/Stand back for I clap/this ain’t rap, this is trap/SnoBlock to be exact/Soul of a hustler, got no love for my mother/Left a n-gga in the streets, ever since it’s been a struggle.”

This tape features new music from Sno Boy himself. Sno is a self-professed groupie in his song “Her Team.” Sno is smash dashing a shorty and her girlfriends in his DJ L beat.

Sno raps, “I’m insane and I’m a h-e, how many b-tches gonna go/It’s a party, it’s a party and it’s going down on Dro/I ran through a couple bands, I gotta blow a couple more.”

Castro and Boss Woo are in it to win it in their Instrumentalist production.

Boss begins this record, rapping, “She on me for the night, these b-tches be sinning/She only for one night, my n-ggas be winning/You be worried about the b-tch, she eat me like dinner/I rather focus on this money, I get it, I get it.”

Castro follows, rapping, “I heard they getting money, I take it, I spend it/Bullets like missiles, his address I send it/Guns and money, that’s all I need/When it’s beef, n-gga, yo block don’t breathe.”

Castro and Boss Woo call for all flodgers to just “Stop it.” It’s only so long pretenders can get away with fake clout. The two artists can merch everything they have in their Cardo production.

Woo raps, “Say you about that life/I know you n-ggas not/You really need to stop it/Fore you end up a body/Jail don’t make you gangster, prison full of goofies/I rap it how I live it, you live it like a movie.”

Castro also has a bone to pick with frauds. He raps, “They flipping through my city/Don’t say you looking for me/Bag it by the bundle, don’t give a f-ck about no haters.”

Woo and Castro hate repeating themselves. As previously stated, these two can merch their clout. They “Been Told” others they play for keeps, getting money and bagging females.

Woo raps, “Stop acting like you running the streets/F-ck a shooter, I got goonies catching bodies for me/Six feet, put a p*ssy in the ground for me/I been told them n-ggas looking like clones to me.”

Castro follows, rapping, “I been told them n-ggas, b-tches/They ain’t believe a n-gga/I been told my n-ggas rich/You can see it, n-gga/I been told them b-tches h-es… I been told them n-ggas telling, we don’t breed them n-ggas.”

Boss Woo and Castro are bout that action in their Kingzof production. They’re even “B.T.A.” outside the booth if you want to question or test their gangster. They put it on SnoBlock.

Castro raps, “Snoblock where we living, been in it since we children/Better watch how living if you think about living/With this ratchet, I’ll fix him/No school, I’ll dismiss him.”

Woo also walks what he talks as he raps, “You ain’t never really stood on blocks/Posted with the rocks, opps come through, do em/Snoblock with the dealers and killers/Been a drill, now the whole city drilling.”

The cold streets brought out the “Monster” in Castro and Boss Woo. Castro and Woo explain the paths they took in their BeatBullie production.

Castro explains his transition to becoming a monster, rapping, “I wanted to hoop, I wanted freedom to ball/Instead I had to drill, instead I had to stand tall/I used to want peace, but look at my streets/Now we scream, ‘F*ck the police’/And we turn into beasts/I was raised to be a scholar, but was turned into a killer/What have I become?/A real street n-gga.”

Despite acknowledging the person he’s become, Castro proclaims he loves the life he lives.

“This is me, you can’t free me,” he raps.

What Woo has become, is something many people will never feel. Woo has dreams of taking his people out of their treacherous surroundings. He raps, “All I wanted was to see my day-ones shine/Straight out the hood, hopping on their first flight/No shootout, bad b-tches with asses out/Pop bottles, live lavish, do hella shopping.”

Boss Woo and Castro are just trying to “Stay Alive” like the Bee Gees in their Beatbullie production. They can’t go at this point in their lives. They have too much going for themselves and people that depend on them

Woo raps, “I gotta live for way more than them blocks/Way more than a p*ssy n*gga tryna take me down with his glock/I gotta live/What about my kids?/Do whatever I got to/Rob a bank if I got to.”

Castro raps, “I’ma boss n-gga and that’s both ways/This pistol rock your road/Now that’s a cold play/They say Cas banging, n-gga I’m on that/I up this fifth and drop yo a-- like some cognac.”

Boss Woo and Castro are a force together. A “SnoBlock Vol. 2” doesn’t sound like a bad idea right about now. Listeners were provided an inside look into the lives of authentic Chiraq street hustlers. Woo and Castro’s project was a tale of survival. As Boo Woo and Castro reveal, the streets of Chiraq really isn’t a cakewalk. SnoBlock is no exception. Monster was my personal favorite record. Castro and Boss Woo explained how the streets could snatch someone’s dreams and turn a person’s heart cold. More frightening is how this invisible monster will continue to destroy dreams of innocent kids for generations to come unless something is done. I appreciated the brutal truth behind their harsh realities. I look forward to listening to more projects from these two.

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