Chief Keef Speaks On New Song ‘TT,’ Calls ‘Keke’ Another Term For ‘Thot’

Chief Keef has a new vocabulary word to teach the masses. Sosa went on to reveal a substitute word for “thot,” a term for a promiscuous woman.

The word in question is simply “Keke.”

Chief Keef doesn’t want fans to mistaken “Keke” for one specific girl.

“So y’all slow Keke is not a thot herself it’s Thots period So if u don’t feel like sayin thot. Say that lil Keke KneeKnee weak

“A Keke is Another word for Thot I been Sayin Keke Since 2010! I been told y’all this Too,” the “Bang 3” rapper wrote.

Sosa used the term in a leaked snippet of new single “TT (Too Turnt)” where he raps, “…I’m T-T, I’m T-T, I’m T-T/I’m getting drink drink/Getting head by Keke/Knee Knee sitting with me and she sitting pretty.”

Fans may remember Sosa previously teaching the masses the meaning of “Thot.”

“Thot = That H-- Over There Thots = Them H--- Over There,” he wrote.

Chief Keef occasionally uses the term in his music.

In “My N-----,” Chief Keef raps, “B*tch, I got a lot of f*cking thots.”

Chief Keef’s past thot anthems include “Love No Thotties” and “Lots Of Thots.”

Chief Keef latest ode to these women is “Thots Gone Krazy,” where he raps, “I got 8 AM thots, 7 PM thots/I got 6 am c--- for them stripper thots/B----, I got a (M car?) for them fast thots/B----, I got a big house for my bad thot.”

Sosa leaked a short snippet of the track in November 2013.

Capo leaked a lengthy snippet of Chief Keef’s unreleased track. The Glo Gang rapper flaunts his Jesus Piece chain in his whip as the track streams.

The single is expected to make its way on Sosa’s forthcoming “Bang 3” mixtape.

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