YBN Almighty Jay’s Chain Surfaces

YBN Almighty Jay chain has now surfaced. The chain thief took to social media to post footage of himself flaunting the stolen piece of jewelry.

“Come get this s**t back,” the chain thief said. “Come get yo s**t back.”

The thief went on to suggest Jay had a gun on him, but didn’t shoot the weapon.

“He had it on him though,” he said. “Scary a– n***a didn’t shoot though.”

Jay was caught lackin for his chain on Fairfax avenue in Los Angeles, CA.

“Whoever just took my chain on Fairfax, post it,” Jay said. “N****s is h*es. Post my s**t. Put it on Instagram right now.”

“N***s is h**s. You n****s got guns and can’t shoot,” he said while showing his hand injury.

Almighty Jay went into more detail on the situation during a studio session. He recorded a song detailing the incident.

He raps, “I keep bread in my pocket that’s worth more than my chain.”

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