YBN Nahmir Reveals Famous Dex Blocked Him In 2014, Dexter Reacts

YBN Nahmir once requested a feature from Famous Dex in when he was around 14 or 15 years of age in 2014. Nahmir told a story of how a potential collaboration with Dexter fell through because he didn’t have the feature amount in full.

“This before all this World Star s**t. Before his World Star s**t and all the extra s**t. ‘Drip From My Walk,’ whatever that s**t was,” Nahmir said. “I was like, ‘Bro, you tryna do a song?’ He was like, ‘$500.’ I was like, ‘Damn, I got $200 on me right now.’ I was in school, and he FaceTimed me in school. I’m like, ‘Bro, I’ma call you back. I’m in school right now.’ I texted him, and then that n***a just blocked me right after I said that. Damn, this n***a really just h**d my whole life cause I told him I was in school. Like, I had $200. It wasn’t s**t to get another $300 in some hours. But that was like 2014.”
Nahmir says he’s not interested in collaborating with Dexter unless the bag is right.

“So anybody ask me to do a song with him ‘No.’ If he ask to do a song with me, ‘No.’Better have $200,000 for me,” he said. “It’s just the fact that he h**d me like that. I’m not even mad about the s**t. …I was a little n***a. I was like 15, 14. It wasn’t s**t to get the little $300.”

It didn’t take long for Dexter to respond on IG Live.

“Did you see what you said on Live, little b***h. Yeah, you wanted to pay me for a feature,” Dex said. “I block your lame ass. You was d**k holding. Get yo d**k holding ass on. YBN, I’ll smack your little b***h ass. Any show I get with you, I’m smacking yo b***h ass. Don’t get on Live saying nothing from 2014.”

Nahmir said he was a huge fan of the Chiraq wave, even admitting to repping the BDK movement.

Nahmir praised Chief Keef during his November interview with No Jumper.

“[Chief Keef] hella hard. N***a, that’s the f*****g goat,” Nahmir said. “You can’t compare Chief Keef to nobody. That n***a started his own wave like three times. That n***a a god at this rapping s**t. I can’t… that n***a hard.”

Is #chiefkeef the ?? ? cred: @nojumper #ybnnahmir

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