Young And Dutchie Live By FBG-Code In ‘Where You Been’ Mixtape (Review)

YoungGoDumb and Dutchie blessed the streets with their joint mixtape project “Where You Been” after many delays. But they say quality shouldn’t be rushed, right? Fans can rest assured the two founders of the FBG Clout Boyz didn’t slop together songs on this project. Young and Dutchie’s tape was very well put together and is one of the better-recorded projects to come out in a long time from the Chi. It’s not really a question where Young and Dutchie been because they’re obviously focused on making green. But it’s more so where they’re going. Young and Dutchie can be regarded as a dynamic duo on the underground Hip Hop scene. The two artists have undeniable chemistry. This serves the two well as they take on most of the 15 tracks present on their DJ Shon and DJ Amaris-hosted mixtape.

There’s really no need to ask Young and Dutchie where they’ve been. One can find them wherever money is. The flow and delivery on their Trey Billz-produced record, as many will learn, is dope. Young and Dutchie take turns dropping hot rhymes.

Young and Dutchie are Chiraq’s Jay Z and Jermaine Dupri because “Money Ain’t A Thang” in their Ramsay The Great production. But we already knew that because the two are always chasing a bag. But what’s money if you can’t spend it? Young and Dutchie talk whippin foreigns and flossing jewelry. This track is a perfect lead into track four. Young and Dutchie say they’re “Ballin” so hard they need a Super Bowl ring. The two don’t like distractions. Nothing can come between them and money.

It’s hard out here for a pimp, but it’s much harder for a trap boss. Dutchie tapped King Cole for one of the tape’s hottest records “Trappin Off The Government,” a Jae Price production. Dutchie and Cole’s phones go off like a call center in this record. This is because the junkies are constantly dialing their line 24/7.

Cole hits this record, rapping, “Trappin off the government, watch cost a hundred bands/Bars on them doors, so you know there ain’t no coming in/Right back to the kitchen, water whipping, I just caught some chickens, hit the block and drop it off/Lil folks knock it off.”

Dutchie talks making his come up in the kitchen. He raps, “trap trap trap trap trapping off the government/Feds on my heels, motherf-ck the government/Bands bands bands, b-tch I do it for them bands.”

Young tapped fellow Clout Boy FBG Duck for song “I Know,” a DJ Blake production. Duck adds value to any track. His addition on this record made an already hot record much hotter.

Duck is first up on this record, rapping, “I know they don’t like the way I flex all the time/But I feel like it’s my time, yall can’t stop my shine/Every day and night, money on my mind/I got money vision and you color blind/I know when I hit the scene, I can take yo h-e/Cause everything I do is presidential.”

Young follows Duck, rapping, “Shawty say she wanna take a ride with CEO/Lakeshore Drive and we gon cruise in my 4-door/I’ma get this money, baby you just roll the dope.”

Young pulled up to a party and he’s solo. He was also solo in a tough joint on this tape. Young wanted his shine on this project. Young set out to prove he could carry a track all by himself. He had three shots at this on this tape. Young succeeds on song “Don’t Wanna See Me.” The kidd went off in his Jae Prince production.

Money motive, I ain’t thinking bout not dumb h-e/’Where you been, Young?’ I been riding, checking lo-lo/‘Who you been with?’ Sh-t, the folks/The same n-ggas I been with, how you ain’t know.

Young and Dutchie give listeners classic Young and Dutchie in “Fool Wit It.” Classic Young and Dutchie is music that’d get you up on your feet. Young and Dutchie act a fool in their Ken-Z-produced record.

Young opens this record, rapping, “I’m a fool with it, I’m flex/got these b-tches coming by the flock, I’m Hugh Hef/Aquafina diamonds get em fiending off my bezels/You can gon cuff that little h-e, you can have her.”

Dutchie, follows Young, rapping, “I’ma fool wit it, all these n-ggas jumping n-ggas gay/Selling blow, cracking moves with it/Tryna cop a rollie and a Pelle with some screws in it.”

Young and Dutchie song “Turn Up On Em” is throw them bows, knuck-if-you-buck type record. Their Trey Billz-produced joint is 100 percent Dirty South-inspired and guaranteed to have someone ready to start a fight in the club.

FBG Duck again lends his talents on song “Really Wanna.” Young and Duck say there are others that wanna take their lives. But Duck and Young say they ain’t for none. They can easily put their shooters on someone if need be.

Young raps, “Pull up stunting, I ain’t mean to take the show/I’m Mr. Check A Bag, but baby call me CEO/Neck whoa, ear glow/Hit the lights and still show.”

Duck raps, “I can see you wanna kill me don’t cha?/I’m about to kill this sh-t and put it in the dumpster/I would like to thank my grandmother and my mama because I became a boss without my motherf-cking father.”

Money was a reoccurring theme throughout this tape. Paper is what’s important for Young and Dutchie at this point in their lives and careers. It doesn’t sound like that’s going to change any time soon. Hustling is a 24/7 job for the two Clout Boyz, so don’t ask where they’ve been because we already know the answer. But the question that remains is where they’re going. This tape reveals the talent is there. And Young and Dutchie got a whole lot of it to take them far. This is perhaps the reason they created the “Fly Boy Gang” because they knew they would take flight.

Young and Dutchie’s “Where You Been” is available for download on iTunes and Live Mixtapes.

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