Young Chop Gets Mad When Asked About SD

It appears no one wants to talk about SD. Young Chop was angered by a fan on his IG Live who said he dissed SD.

“Ain’t nobody f*****g diss no f*****g SD you f******g goofy,” Chop said. “I just don’t know where the f***k he at. I ain’t talk to the n***a in so f*****g long. Like stop. Goofy a– n***a. Y’all talking bout I’m tweaking, but y’all asking me some stupid a– questions about another n***a. Y’all gay a– f**k. I don’t even know dude that y’all talking about. Never even met him, talked to him on the phone. Y’all talking about do a song with a n***a I don’t even know. Talking bout SD. B***h, he at home somewhere. Ask him. DM him on his page. Get the f***k off my s**t with that.”

Chop announced in early 2016 he and SD were working on a joint project.

Chop took to Twitter to stream a snippet of SD’s upcoming single with himself at the production helm of it.

“Album on the way @SD_GBE300 x young chop,” he wrote on Twitter.

Sosa, too, was angered by a fan who asked him about SD.

“Stop asking where SD at. Stop that clown a– s**t,” Sosa said. “You asking about another man, folk. He got his own balls. You asking about a whole nother n***a. You see where the f**k I’m at. I don’t know where folks at. Stop asking that s**t. Go ask him where he at. Go on his pictures, the f**k DM.”

Sosa said there’s no bad blood between him and SD.

“Shawty my little shawty. That’s my f*****g son. I still love my son,” he said. “I don’t know where he at. That’s all I’m saying. Stop asking Chief Turbo that.”

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