Young Dolph Allegedly Declines $22M Record Deal

#youngdolph turns down $22M deal 😮 Would you turn down that much money?

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Young Dolph took to IG to reveal lucrative dilemma he’s going through. The Memphis rapper told fans he has a $22 million deal on the table.

“I done got my a-- in a f****d up situation,” Dolph said. “I don’t know what the f**k to do, dog. Tell the truth, I do know what to do. I’ma let y’all know what’s going on. For the last six months, I been having motherf*****g $22 million contract debating on whether I should do the deal or not. I’m like, ‘Should I take the $22 million or f**k the $22 million?’ F**k the $22 million.”

Dolph look to be staying independent for the time being.

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