Young Jeezy Talks Being A Mentor For Lil Durk

Young Jeezy has taken on a big brother role for Lil Durk. Jeezy sat down with DJ Moondawg of WGCI 107.5 to explain the mentor role he serves for the Chi Town rapper.

“…Whatever he needs from me, I already made it clear, that’s my guy,” Jeezy told Moondawg. “I like the way he move. I like what he represent, I like what he about, I like the fact he go outside the box. And he move around every time I see him out. I just seen him in New York for his birthday. Threw him a private dinner. We just had fun. I like to see him smile because I already know what they been through. Just to see him in this game, I told him any advice he need from me he got that, no matter what it is. Anything. I wanna see him make it. He gotta put on for the Chi.

Jeezy said a song collaboration between himself and Durk is possible.

“Anything he needs on my end, I’m on deck,” Jeezu said. “Any knowledge I got, it’s all for him to get. That’s all it’s about, sharing information. The same like I got from Jay just being around, peeping stuff. Just knowledge. Just like being in the streets, you hang around some cats that really know what they’re doing. You figure it out. Then you just bust yo move. It’s no different. We still trapping.”

Watch interview at 8:30-mark above.

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