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Young Pappy’s Brother, TaySav, Reacts To Rico Recklezz Fight In Atlanta

TaySav and PBG got down on Rico Recklezz on Friday. Footage surfaced on the net of the crew jumping Rico Recklezz for dissing their deceased brother.

TaySav took to social media to speak on the incident in the fight’s aftermath.

“Rico Recklezz a b***h. He just ripped my short, on Pap bro,” TaySav said. “Just beat the f**k out of him. Stop playing with us, bro. N****s say f**k Pappy, but when you see em, n****s be real life soft as hell.”

Rico, too, took to social media to speak on the incident.

“I got house shoes on at the time,” Rico said. “I seen a big n***a come, and he like, ‘F**k all that talking s**t.’ I wish y’all a– can see the real video on foenem grave cause it was five of them n****s big a– hell on my kids. I didn’t fall. I didn’t hit the ground, and I got house shoes on, and I’m beating they a–. Y’all see TaySav when he walked off, folks look like he fought a pitbull.” .

Rico also took to Twitter to react to the incident, writing, “Now u kno I ain’t go ain’t no me runnin ain’t no me hittin no Ground ofn I said wat I said An backed it up s**t.”

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