Meek Mill Co-Signs ‘The Race’ Rapper Tay-K?

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Meek Mill appears to be the latest rapper to co-sign controversial rapper Tay-K. Meek posted a snapshot from Tay-K’s viral “The Race” music video, which currently has 18 million views.

Tay-K is getting love from some members of the Hip Hop community despite being charged with capital murder. Tay-K, born Taymor McIntyre, is accused of being involved in an armed robbery that left a man dead.

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Desiigner showed love to the Texas rapper Sunday. The “Panda” rapper hopped on the phone with the embattled rapper. Desiigner captioned his video, “Free @TayK47shawty.”

In the video, Tay-K says, “What’s up with it.”

Desiigner replied, “What the f**k is up, Tay-K.”

Kodak is the last rapper to show Tay-K support.

Kodak told followers Tuesday during an IG Live stream he wants to sign the Texas rapper.

“I might motherf*****g sign him, ya heard,” after hinting he may record a remix to “The Race.”

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Kodak Black showed love to Tay-K last Thursday during first show since his release from jail in Miami. Kodak’s show featured guest appearances from many artists, including PnB Rock. Kodak and PnB found time during the show to rock out to Tay-K’s “The Race.”

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Project Baby also filmed himself in traffic riding to the jailed rapper’s viral “The Race” track.

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Tay-K sparked controversy after releasing his “The Race” music video upon his arrest for capital murder. In the visual, Tay-K could be seen lighting a blunt next to his wanted poster.

Tay-K became a fugitive after cutting off his ankle monitor in March. Tay-K was on the run for several months before U.S. Marshalls captured him on Friday, June 30 in New Jersey.

Tay-K displayed even more boldness after rocking out to his “The Race” song in traffic while he was on the run in newly surfaced footage.

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Tay won’t be doing “The Race” any time soon after a judge ended his house arrest stipulations.

Tay-K was initially arrested for the murder of 21-year-old Ethan Walker during a home invasion robbery in Mansfield, TX. He was one of seven people charged in connection with the July 26, 2016 robbery and slaying.

A judge ordered the 17-year-old rapper to be held in adult jail until he is certified as an adult in the Mansfield case. Tay-K was booked into Tarrant County Jail on Thursday afternoon, according to the Star-Telegram.

Tay-K is a suspect in another murder in San Antonio after fleeing house arrest, the Star-Telegram reports. He is also accused of beating and robbing a 65-year-old man in Arlington’s Craven Park.

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