YoungGoDumb & Dutchie Got The ‘Trap Doing Numbers’ In Visual

YoungGoDumb and Dutchie are in the trap whipping work and knocking out new music. The two brothers got the “Trap Doing Numbers” in their new single.

Dada Creative to filmed the duo in an in-studio performance with fellow St. Lawrence Clout Boys.

Young hits the track, rapping, “Trap doing numbers got the fiends steady knocking, but out the front I’m watching cause the Jakes steady plotting/Birds on display for the table for who shopping/With choppers in the closet and uzis for who robbing/I swear these n****s actors, they should get a Oscar.”

Dutchie talks similar trap aspirationg, rapping, “Trap doing number, yeah we known to check dope/If you wanna shop with me, then the line a call the folks/what’s the ticket for the coke?/S**t, we got it for the low/Whipping grams, I’m the man, b***h I think I’m Shawty Lo.”

Young and Dumb are currently promoting two new singles “Well Damn” and “I Want It All,” which are available for purchase on iTunes.

Listen to full version below

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