YounGoDumb & Dutchie Detail Chiraq Streets In ‘Life I Live’ Music Video

YoungGoDumb and Dutchie are a dual rap group from Chicago helping usher in a new era of Hip Hop. The two MCs are the Chiraq version of Philly’s Young Gunz.

The city of Chicago and its violence is the most popular topic in the news these days with many Ivy League political pundits weighing in on the problems from multiple news stations, including CNN, Fox and MSNBC. These discussions never include anyone from ground zero of the Woodlawn and Englewood neighborhoods where much of the crime occurs.

Hip Hop music has long served as its own newsroom, informing those around the world with first-hand accounts of life in the ghettos around the U.S.

Young and Dutchie, both teens, hold their own conversation on the myriad of issues plaguing the inner city streets of the Chi in new song “Life I Live.”

Young and Dutchie say they are constantly told by the important women in their lives to leave the streets alone. A scene in this visual even features the rappers’ mother telling them the route they’ll end up.

They say their father also pleads with them to leave the streets, but say his words hold no value due to his absence in their lives.

“…He can’t tell me s--- cause that n***a wasn’t there,” they rap.

Young and Dutchie begin their Dada Creative visual walking into a church to ask the Lord for forgiveness for the sins they committed in the streets.

Young tells listeners what he sees through his eyes living in Chicago, rapping, “I grew up in an area full of gunplay/Where you see RIP a lot and I ain’t talking one way/Sunday to Sunday, class x gunplay/Catch him on the route to school, he be dead Monday/When I was coming there wasn’t too many like me/But we all had the same motivation, wanna be flee/I ain’t wanna go to school, mama like you gon see/A dope boys what we all wanted to be/But I know she want the best for me/On this rap s--- cause I feel it’s my destiny.”

Dutchie sheds a bit light on Chiraq’s culture of drugs, gangs and violence, rapping, “Welcome to Chicago, home of them gangstas/Drug dealing street n****s out here gang banging/Tryna make it to the top, but the boat still sanking/Crack heads stll smoking/Winos still drinking/Young n****s still hustling gotta eat by any means/Young n***a caught a body, he was only 15/Now, he tryna cop up, shawty took like 15, Tunnel vision to the money, shoulda been split screen/Burglaries and homicides/Lil one traumatized.”

Dutchie ends this verse, apologizing to his mother for living the life he does.

Young goes on to describe his experience as an adolescent in the streets in more detail, rapping, “And I started as a youngin/Got introduced to the gunplay, I’m in a junge/And with that rock, you can’t fumble cause the boys out there on the block tryna rumble/Them young boys thirsty on the hunt for them packs/Guns for homicides, black mask for disguise/If you getting it, keep it low on the low end/Chiraq tape off the block, smoking.”

Dutchie remains unapologetic to his involvement in the streets despite professing to his mother he was, rapping, “I’m bout that life cause I live that life/And I don’t regret s**t, I ‘ll live it twice/Some n****s got left cause they weren’t living right/Guess Hov was right, it’s a hard knock life/My mama told me she don’t like the life that I live, well I’m married to the streets and I’m in love with that field.”

FBG Duck makes a cameo appearance in this visual.

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