Ballout Has Panic Attack After Being Drenched By Chief Keef

Sosa has no chill when it comes to his pranks. Sosa is known to play pranks on his Glo Gang henchman.

The latest victim of Sosa’s hijinks was none other than BallOut. Sosa splashed a cup of water on the face of the sleeping “Boss Sh-t” rapper.

More hilarious was BallOut’s reaction upon getting splashed. BallOut proceeds to do a full 360-spin move upon getting up from his sleep.

Check out below.

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  • ballout need to get off the lean with his fat ass i thought that was sean kingston he gon look like gucci man in 6 months if he doesnt stop

    • gunot killa

      His ass thought them FBG NIGGAZ caught him lackin lol

    • *****

      he look like he passed the lean a long time back, dude been a fiend stumbling around like a junkie

  • His fat azz did a three sixty lol

  • Anonymous

    Ballout world 360

    • lmaooo the only funny comment in this article, yall niggas r soo lame step yo game up lil niggas


        How was that even funny

  • Anonymous

    This nigga ballout starting to look that obese nigga big sexy

    • Anonymous

      Look like

  • ballout gone really fat, chief keef aint even fat i duno why yall keep talking about it like he is anyway, nigga average, even capo fatter then keef

    • Anonymous

      He aint fat but he got that lean Belly tho

  • Anonymous

    Even them YouTube niggas Didnt want his fatass on YouTube

  • shock

    kollege kid got they own player now lmfao

    • taq

      and its slow as hell

      • yessir

        for real gotta be the slowest player on the internet wshh comes in second

  • Ballout

    Wtf Keef I’m about to keep strapped and aim this gun at you like Tadoe did last week and y’all need to stfu saying I’m fat.

  • You A Slave To A Page In My Rhyme Book

    they shootin! ha made ya look.

  • man man 068


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  • Obey

    Rich ass fuck still got a box TV.

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