R&B Arist Mary J. Blige Apologizes for Burger King Chicken Commercial

Mary J. Blige recently sat down with Angie Martinez on Hot 97 and was asked to discuss the backlash she received over the Burger King commercial she appeared in.

The interview was the first time the singer spoke out on the video that sent social media into a frenzy. The commercial, many felt, enforced age-old stereotypes regarding African Americans love for fried chicken.

Blige said the backlash and the “vicious negative things” people said broke her heart. She remained quiet during the whole ordeal because “everyone was doing what they were doing and saying what they were saying” and she “felt there was no need for her to say anything.”

Blige admits the commercial was a “mistake.”

“I want to apologize to everyone who was offended who thought that I would od something that so disrespectful to our culture. I would never do anything like that. I thought I was doing something right.”

Head over to Collegiate NetVision (CNV) to watch Mary J Blige Burger King Parody by clicking here.

Watch interview below.

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