Montana of 300 Reveals Inner Demons In ‘Cursed With A Blessing’ (Review)

Montana of 300 didn’t just put in his work. He put in double overtime and it has clearly paid off. He is one of the more lyrically adept artists hailing from Chicago. His versatility on records allows him to touch on a myriad of topics in his music. Montana’s latest project “Cursed With A Blessing” is a culmination of the hard work he has put in over the past year. Montana provided his fans quality music on his latest effort. Montana project has an interesting title as it means his blessings have been a curse. It’s difficult to decipher what this means but Montana may have embedded the answer in his lyricism on his project.

Montana of 300 is feasting on rappers in his opening record. All fans are welcome to grab a plate and consume his bars in “Slaughter House.”

Montana pigs out on this record, rapping, “I put that clip to their back and I won’t get penalized/I put that on life I’ma turn these n-ggas to n-gga pies/I got these rappers on my dinner plate/You April Fools don’t see the enemy/I penetrate and make these p*ssies hyperventilate/I ain’t got no beef cause I done murdered all my enemies.”

Customers commonly run up to an “Ice Cream Truck” when its familiar jingle blares through its speakers. But Montana of 300 is not serving delicious frozen dairy products in his Jay Storm-produced single. Ain’t sh-t sweet when he pulls up.

Montana raps, “Boy, don’t make me come and find yall/I be letting the iron off/Hear shots when I’m firing off/Your brains on the sidewalk/And rigt after I pop em I swear I forget about em.”

Montana’s “All I Ever Wanted” is a selfless record. All Montana wants is to provide for his family and get them out of the hood.

And who could blame Montana for wanting a better life? Montana paints a vivid picture of what he had to endure as an adolescent growing up in public housing.

Montana describes his nightmarish childhood, rhyming, “Grew up in the project building/Witnessed dealings and some killings/Devil grinning with how we living/N-ggas sinning just to get it/Used to go to bed at night while watching roaches on the ceiling/Taking turns with plates and fork.”

Montana has long been open about his mother’s drug abuse. Witnessing his mother battle drug addiction left a permanent mental scar on the rapper.

He raps, “I remember watching my OG get high up in the kitchen/I remember finding pipes she hid up in the oven mitten/How I sued to throw them out the ninth floor window like I’m pitching/Then act like I never did it/Thinking that would make her quit it.”

Montana pays homage to legendary Chicago Bulls player Michael Jordan in song “Air Jordan.” Montana believes he balls just as hard as Mike. Montana got his bands up, so he’s going to throw it in the air like Jordan.

He raps, “Aye this Chicago, we rock Jordans/Yall can’t hold me, I’m Michael/Man, I’ll whack whoever try to that’s right hand on the bible/B-tch, I’m MJ in the finals aka yo new idol/Money stacked tall as the Eiffel, cocking b-tches like rifles/Ok now shawty got her tongue out, tongue out on a n-gga like Jordan.
Montana is in drill mode and upping glocks in “Let That 40 Bang.” He is menacing on this record, rapping, “N-ggas think that it’s a game, let that 40 bang/Let em know that you ain’t playin, let that 40 bang/Put that thang up to his brains, let that 40 bang/Now everybody in the city saying shorty name/Getting scared everytim that they see shorty out/Hoping he don’t pull that motherf-cker 40 out.”

Montana of 300 grew up with dreams and aspirations. He never would’ve thought he would go the route of becoming a drug dealer. But these were the cards Montana was dealt. Montana would soon reshuffle the deck to fuel himself into being one of the Chi’s hottest underground rappers.

Montana raps, “I remember coming home back from the store/To my momma smoking crack on the stove/Back then we was lackin the dough/Never would’ve thought one day I’d be bagging up Os/Pack in a pole, standing on the Ave with the fours/Feeling like Shaq in the post/Now a n-gga rapping at shows, getting cash for the flow like turn up, swag on em h-es/Thank God we ain’t broke no more, ain’t it funn y all of sudden all the h-es gone go/Momma told me boy, spit that pain, bet the whole world gon chant yo name.”

There’s a reason why Montana goes so hard. If you’ve been through what he’s been through, you’d understand.

He raps, “You don’t know my struggle, you don’t know my grind, you don’t know the thoughts going through a n-gga mind/You don’t know my past, you don’t know my path, you don’t know my wrath, nah p-ssy n-gga you don’t know the half.”

Montana invites listeners to hear his sermon. Montana is preaching his gospel, so bear witness to his testament.

Montana raps, “There ain’t nothing hotter than muah, just like the Devil’s kiss/I’m so f-cking hot, boy the devil better be scared of this G-d flow, ya know heaven is where my level is/Wings up in the sky, man this guy is flyer than Pegasus/I’m all about my cheddar it’s M.O.B. never sweat a b-tch.”

Montana’s clout is rising. He merches that on himself. He raps, “From the bottom of the bottom is where I came from/Fought fire with fire n-gga I had a flamer/I turn my hell into heaven yup I done came up/Had to kick disloyal subjects up out of my kingdom/Whether they hate me or not they still bring my name up.”

Montana’s “Cursed With A Blessing” is one of the best projects to come from a Chicago artist this year. Montana dabbled with different musical sounds to bring his project to life. Montana’s greatest gift to the game is he’s not monolithic. He’s an unpredictable artist and can hit fans different types of records. Montana can hit fans with some drill. He can serenade the ears of women with an R&B-infused single. Or he can spit that deep ish that make listeners want to pay extra attention to each bar. Yes, he’s that versatile. Montana’s project is worth the listen.

Stream/download Montana of 300’s “Curse With A Blessing.”

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