Chief Keef Questions History Of The Black Gangster Disciple Nation

Rap star Chief Keef is a self-professed member of the 300-block Black Disciples street gang.

The 18-year-old Interscope artist hails from Parkway Gardens Apartment, commonly referred to as O’ Block.

Chief Keef, who often goes under moniker “Sosa,” has been claiming the street gang since he was an adolescent, even rapping in Fredo Santana’s “My Lil Niggaz” song, “O Block and 300, we comin’/Them the hoods, and I been there since a youngin.”

Despite Sosa’s affiliation to the BDs, the “Ight Doe” rapper questioned the history of the Gangster Disciples and the Black Disciples.

“Niggas Was GD Before So u really gotta Think About it smh!”

The Black Gangster Disciple Nation was founded by Larry Hoover and David Barksdale in 1969.

Hoover and friends formed “The Supreme Gangsters” in the early 1960s and used to hang out on 68th and Green streets. Hoover and his crew controlled a small strip of Halstead Street in the Englewood neighborhood.

The gang grew and spread East to 79th street and East to the Dan Ryan expressway.

Hoover possessed a charismatic personality and was seen as the crew’s leader.

“I always wanted to be a gang leader. Not just part of the gang, I always wanted to be the leader,” Hoover was quoted as saying.

David Barksdale was the leader of the rival Black Disciples gang and controlled the area between 59th and 68th streets. Barksdale suggested he and Hoover merge their gangs to form Gangster Disciples.

Hoover and the Supreme Gangsters met with Barksdale and the BDs on the corner of 68th and Green Street to make their pact official.

“I told them that today that we had become the strongest, most powerful organization in the city… What we have put together here today was the start of something great. That from this beginning, we would one day control the city,” Hoover was quoted as saying.

Barksdale went under the name “King David” and adopted Judaism’s six-point star for the gang.

Barksdale died from kidney failure in 1974 as a result of a shooting in 1967, thus making Hoover the president of the organization.

The Black Disciples later disbanded from the Gangster Disciples following a disagreement with the direction of the organization.

Hoover ran the gang’s criminal empire until he was charged and convicted in the murder of drug dealer William Young. He was sentenced to 150 to 200 years in prison.

While in prison, Hoover changed the name of his street gang to “Growth and Development.”

Despite professing change for the urban community, Hoover was linked to running an elaborate criminal empire behind bars. He was later indicted and sentenced to serve six life sentences at the United States Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility.

The GDs and BDs can now be found active nationwide in many major metropolitan cities.

Both gangs remain under the six-point star umbrella to this day, essentially making members of the GDs and BDs a part of the same gang.

Check out ‘Larry Hoover’ documentary below

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  • ya snitch intetnet homo ain’t no gansta and not Chicago

    Chief was talk about durk or lil reese because they called dro , chief keef uncle manager a hoe.

    • he was talkin bout durk, durk pops was GD too

  • Anonymous

    niggas aint folks nomo smh

    • sleepy

      Nigga its always gonna b folks til the world blows

  • strapped

    hoover and david were the two kings and there were two princes. david got killed den hoover went to jail n shit fucked up from there

    • willie Lloyd planned it the best, but hoover still living, I know his canteen is too the max

  • Quan

    dats da king dave niqqa lol no wonder dey call him queen david. he looks like he got sugar n da tank lmfao

    • DreadHead

      nah i heard dey call him dat cuz real name is denise lmao

      • da trooper

        His name was Donise not Denise

  • marcus

    dey all killin each other but dey all gds so stupid

  • Anonymous


    • no lackin

      its under da 6 goofy

      • JOJO-WORLD

        you sound dumb asf if you think bd is 6 still.. fuckin net bangin faggit.u must not be from da chi

        • Anonymous

          Nigga u dumb af BGD has never stopped reppin tht ^6^ u better ask somebody

        • certain BD UNDA DA 5 (BLUE FIN BD)

    • Globetrotter

      you obviously dont know what u talking bout, they alway been under the 6. Learn your history cuz u talkin like you 100% bout it but u wrong as fuck

      • :) :D ^_^ U HURT YET?

        bd aint under 6 no more dumbasses

        • Anonymous

          Are you fuckin retarded they are now n have been Folks dumb ass nigga

          • 360to720DeGrees

            If they DoN’t kNow, DoN’t tell ’em that just shows how Fakke they are

        • Anonymous

          Yes they are under 6 they folks nation not no damn peoples nation

    • chicagokid70

      there under the 6 dumbass

    • naw boss bds under da 6 wit a 3 in the middle thats why when u see pics of em dey holdinnup 3 fingers smh 7-4-14

  • gucci slippers

    I heard Hoover used to be stone before he formed the nation with David

  • waka choppa

    Chicago started this gangsta shit and this da muthafuckin thanks we get lol

    • 360to720DeGrees

      WronG.. Dem 6oyz From the south starteD that shit. They just moveD to Da Chi to start it

  • big guap

    at the end of the day we all black. i don’t give a damn if u crip folk blood or whatever we all brother n we shouldn’t be divided #thatisall

  • Utah gangster

    This Chicago shit has got too real, too quickly damn

  • iHateyallniggaz

    yall fufu trollin azz must be some outta towners bgd under da 6 stand for da 6 point star of david dumb fuckz

    • Camps


  • Utah gangster

    This is no Bloods and Crips though

  • MoneyT

    Smh take this down and change the story he was talking about Lil Durk right after L’A died Lil Durk told Rondo and Tay 600 he was right by they side and not at home screaming fuck da opps he was sneak dissing Keef and Keef replied with this….they don’t care about no Gds.

    • druski

      Lil durk a gd? Lol

      • MoneyT

        Everyone say he use to be then they say his daddy was a gd.

  • Anonymous

    He talkin about lil durk…that’s the same day durk released his tracklist and showed that there was a keef diss…

  • Anonymous

    i swear niggaz is pissin me off fuck dis shit. how da fuck could da bds b under da 5. what da fuck is people taking about

    • Anonymous

      Bro they ride the 5 hard like no other peoples they aint folks no more. xD

      • Anonymous

        Y’all niggas real confused talking about BD? Is 5. Reese said himself you ain’t with the 6 you could die tonight in that I don’t like song with keef.. And you guys must be talking about Blue Fin BD’s. they be on that 5 shit……..

        • Anonymous

          He said if u not the Shits Not Six

  • Ace boog

    renegades destroyed the union long ago but yall aint ready to learn about

  • grady

    some of you are really some stupid fucks in here. who da fuck taught u dis shit ur 12 year old cousin gtfoh

  • Anonymous

    real shit

  • birdman

    learn somethin new every day

  • G b da reason

    Blame da OGs. They should be teaching these young dumb fucks somethin n teachin dem how to get a bag. Hoover had big goals for da nation like entering politics before da feds put him away for good

  • sjors

    he was talking about durk smh why yall posting all this bullshit do some research

  • DJ

    dem niggas went from perms to dreadlocks lmao

  • eli25

    he was talking about chief wuk and otf affilate

    • eli25


  • everybody knows bd’s & breeds both III & LLL but komes from the same place gd’s do they just gdk and forget where they comes from smh!they still opps king David all they kings,after David died Larry Hoover took that power Jerome Freeman & George Boonie black Davis didn’t get since 80s they resented Larry Hoover..Bkuz the gds took over n grew so fast the only nation dats underdawg & gets a lot of credit is the Black Souls everybody else either you Fin like me or ya folks-k

  • Anonymous

    Bds are under the blue five not the six..and 274 is no longer and this is coming from a 7-4 nigga from the Mil

    • OOoohhh kill her with DA D

      BD IS 5

      • Anonymous

        BD never been hook smdh u sound foolish

      • no bloods on lords

  • rocboy74

    It is still some OGs that claim bgd still today and bd under 6 just as well as gds they just ain’t all one union no more

  • Me

    Y’all niggas real confused talking about BD? Is 5. Reese said himself you ain’t with the 6 you could die tonight in that I don’t like song with keef.. And you guys must be talking about Blue Fin BD’s. they be on that 5 shit……..

  • Whoever is saying that BD is under the jive y’all dumb as fuck and needa be smacked ogd. Black Disciples were never under the jive, y’all thinking of them lame ass Blue Fake Black Disciples, fake ass wannabe’s. BD and GD will always be under the six no matter what. All is one.

  • freshouttaUSPTERREHAUTE

    Yall niggas trippin. Im fresh outta terre haute usp the bds and gds come together in the feds. Yall niggas forgot how long its been…laws still gettin set in the joint. Niggas aint on they lit. U niggas aint organized on the streets. Come to the feds I bet yo ass jump strait on count or u cant throw them rakes up…GD UP

  • one of a kind

    Let’s get this straight GD’s starting to lose heart that’s why most flipping to BD

  • Im a folk my self and aint never heard of a gd or bd reppin da 5, The 5 star niggas got they own 5 points,and the 6 star folks got they own 6 points

  • 74 til da world blow

  • Anonymous

    You all are retarded no one cares just kill each other already so we don’t have to keep listen to you dumb ass’s

  • Plain n simple YES bd n gd r folk nation but alot flipped blue fin n alit of othas say they jus bd treys only. The gds got into it wit everyone including the bds. Dont no one wanna rock wot gds no mo. Now n certain areas if da folks cool wit da bds then its different but n da feds yea they folk nation. Point blank shit crazy. All da bds i hang wit dont want me to say wat up folks. They get pissed off they jus say call em bd. N they call me stone

  • Fuck a moe fuck nigga u a obviously u a piru (pussy in red uniform)

  • forty

    fck the GD and BD they can all suck ma really in the field without no gang fool

  • 74

    yall niggas foolin n really needa get up on yo knowledge come to the streets talkin bout bds are under 5 can get yo ass popped aint no fufu ass shit apperently yo ogs aint taught yall shit bds n gds folk nation we under the 6 not 5 thats why its love life loyatly knowledge wisdom n understanding smh if yu dont know yo shit dont even try to bang cuzz . Bkuz there some real ass niggas outcher that’ll take yo life fo sayin some shit like this fr stop makin folks look bad

    • -sigh-

      5th Ward bds claim tha fin

  • Kay

    Is this shit even real? There are more important things to life than this BULL SHIT. This right here is why people are racist against black people. I hope all these gangbangers die or go to jail so we can evolve. Especially the rappers who claim to be in a gang… influencing young retards with their dumbass lyrics.
    Seriously? Grow the fuck up lunatics. This shit is a distraction and you’re falling for it.

  • Anonymous

    All is well hahahahha

  • HAM G

    all we won! you won! If you down with the folk nation GD straight out of flint michigan not but love to my bro’s in the chi

  • HAM G

    Nothing but love to the chi

  • downsince day 1

    man yall lil niggas lost bds still under the six stupid asses
    learn yall lit and stop internet banging only the blue fins rep da jive
    why so many of yall die fucking lost ass kids anyway its 2 15 19
    7414 till this bitch blow

  • downsince day 1

    ALL is ONE

  • I’m laughing because both of you are right. There are Bds that are still under the 6 and there are some that are under the 5 which is the blue fin bds. Yes King David had the Bds and yes Hoover had his own gang. But at one point hoover was supposed to be a stone and be in the main 21. But hoover wanted more power and left with the brick of the main 21 to join forces with king David to be BGDN. Both were Kings. We. King David died yes Hoover took over and yes there was resentment from bds. A lot of bds flip to gd. Freeman took over and it was still under the 6. He went to prison and Marvell Thompson took over which he was under the blue fin and a lot of bds went blue fin and some stayed under the 6. So you all are right by pieces. If you ask the old heads they will tell you the same.

  • GD6374

    To bad in the kreed it says folk wuz formed in south side Chicago in 1963 maybe ppl need to do some research

  • GD6374

    So I read up more on mi kreed n noticed I wuznt wrong but I wuz at the same time…King David(R.I.P) n (Free)King Hoover banned as 1 in 1969

  • GD6374

    All Is One 7-4 Til my heart explodes and my horns grown 7-4 Til the world blows

  • As for BDs and GDs, We all are a Star. We just have different ways of Shinning! King David, once said, if we fail to come together As One. Then we fail to come together At All!

  • I’ma just say dis and be thru wit it I’ma real G and da story starts from James Defolk need to say nomo cauz a real true fo7ks as myself know wat da fukk i’m talkinG bout BDs and GDs did beef in da beGininG but dey came 2Gether as 1 in 63 6pt.Star we are…I been in Ga all my life and I can say dat in da south da knowledge so screwed upeverybody saying dis and dat but don’t have a clue…

  • 2-4 Gabg

    BD Under The Six But Blue Fin BDS Under The 5 = Fin

  • KeyStone

    All I have to say is this: If you know real history then you should know that David and Hoover are either an El or Bey Moorish Brother affliated with the Fort that Jeff established! So in essence GD’s & BD’s should be just like the Stones and El-Rukins!
    Calling eachother Moe!!!!!! Contrary to popular belief Larry B. Hoover Bey is a Moor!!!!!!!! And so are you all if you’d just wake what I call the fuck up!!!!! Peace and Love!!!! Always remember your 1st principle is “love” no matter what star you under!!!!!!

  • Mafia INSANE

    You niggaz are dumb as a bitch… bdz are folks (6) and b5bd are (5) marvell flipped his whole deck and expanded… they got low numbers tho goofies… im vice lord from Milwaukee and i kno this.. if u not bangin or from the midwest… dont politic chi mobs cuz u will sound stupid as shit

  • Jase Riley Adams

    It wasn’t BD under Davis stupid sit was DD .. Learn ur shit fake ass duck

    • Clint King

      Rt DAT nigga shorty was filling sum type of way he wanted leadership n felt he shld have had it 1st cause he was a “BD” by heart n Neva respected that change or alliances anyways.I’m from down south B’ham Alabama we wear black mostly cause the crips n we dont want no confusion but its still 720 I.G.D till that world blo we Gs is everywhere n no matter that beef we got in our nation we riding 4 each other when its time GD 4life!

      • bd trey

        treys 4 days

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