Did Brian “Baby” Williams Sexually Abuse Lil’ Wayne?

“Ima do you like how Baby did me.”
– Lil’ Wayne to Lil’ Twist

A day earlier, Kollege Kidd presented our visitors with footage of Lil’ Wayne describing his first time having sex on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Here is what Lil’ Wayne had to say:

“The girl was older than me and she cut the lights off. I don’t know what happened. She pulled my pants down. I was 11 and she was like 14. When she pulled my pants down, I went to feel her like what are your doing and I felt she was naked. Then I stopped like oh.”

(Click here to head over to Collegiate NetVision CNV to watch full interview)

We have footage of Lil’ Wayne pressuring then 15-year-old Young Money label mate Lil’ Twist to have sex. The Young Money founder then proceeds to tell Lil’ Twist about his first time. Lil Wayne said:

“I got raped when I was 11, Twist. I loved it. I ain’t never press charges. I’ma do you like Baby and them did me. I’ll never forget that day. They was all in the kitchen, I was scared. There was about this many ni**as and shit there too. I’ll never forget the words, too. ‘Suck little Wayne’s little dick!’ I was sitting on the couch. Everybody was in that b***h. Those niggas was like talking, ‘Girl you know such a good d**k sucker. Boy that b***h suck all night. B***h suck little Wayne d**k.’ I’m sitting there like, Shorty! I aint never had this happen… I was a different man after that. I was Lil’ Wayne.”

This story raises many questions. And the person who needs to do all the answering is 42-year-old Brian “Baby” Williams.

From Lil’ Wayne’s rant he appears to be proud of this moment. But in the Jimmy Kimmel video, Lil’ Wayne tells Jimmy Kimmel, the girl he had sex with was 14-years-old!

The two versions of Lil’ Wayne’s story are slightly different but share strikingly similar details. Are we to presume that Baby coerced a 14-year-old girl to give Lil Wayne oral sex?

We must not forget in the Lil’ Twist video, Lil’ Wayne says Baby and others said how good of a performer the mystery girl/woman was at oral sex. This allows us to conclude (if this in fact a 14-year-old girl) that Baby sexually abused a young girl.

The story Lil’ Wayne tells is very disturbing. What is even more disturbing is Lil’ Wayne emasculating Lil’ Twist for being a virgin. Lil Wayne proceeds to tell Ll’ Twist he is going to set him up with a female just as Baby had done for him.

We must remind the reader that Lil’ Twist is 15-years-old. In this video, Lil’ Wayne tells Lil’ Twist he had his daughter when he was 15-years-old. As he teases Lil’ Twist about being a virgin, he also glorifies teenage pregnancy. This message he is sending to this young man is inappropriate.

The behavior Lil’ Wayne exhibits is chilling. Lil’ Wayne pressures Lil’ Twist just as Baby pressured him to have sex. If Lil’ Twist were to take Lil’ Wayne’s advice, he will pressure another young man later down the road. It will be a generational trend.

There is cause for much concern for Lil’ Wayne’s version of his first sexual encounter. We, at Kollege Kidd, cannot verify at this point whether the young woman Baby coerced to perform oral sex on Lil’ Wayne is in fact 14-years-old, but we can conclude that Baby did indirectly sexually abuse an 11-year-old Lil’ Wayne.

To view video of Lil’ Wayne describing his first time in detail, head over to Collegiate NetVision (CNV) by clicking here.

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  • awkwardfan

    FIRST!!!!! This is disgusting

  • MobSquadENT!!!!!!!!!

    First Snitches!!!!!! MobSquad in this bitch. Wayne a real nigga doe

    • Jessica

      Wtf?? You’re morally bankrupted

  • thisshitcray

    Am I first??? Lil Wayne you are fool?? You tryna go back to jail nigga???

  • awkwardfan

    Lil Wayne Should be ashamed of himself. I just watched both videos and this is SICK!!! Why would you tell a 15 yr old you gon do him like baby did you???

  • DaCarter

    Yall Niggas over reaching with this bullshit. Wayne telling this nigga to be a man on sum real nigga shit. Yall acting like he telling 15 yr old girl to have sex. Two different situations.

    • DaORacle

      Being a Real Man? Some people are so blinded in their minds. My Advice is Find YOUR IDENTY, and stop trying to live in another nigga’s world. I applaud young money for still being a virgin, weneed more real men and not these fake props parading around talking about what it is to be a man and they themselves are confused.

  • FAMU_GUrl

    Lil Wayne wrong for that. He shouldn’t have pressured Lil’ Twist like that

    • Sonya

      Its real though. that was just a reflection of the real world. wayne will not be the first nor the last to peer pressure him into sex

  • imonone

    Well, I seen this vid before it came with his carter iii. When i first saw it, i overlooked it foreal foreal. i saw da jimmy kimmel vid and this vid do make u wonder if baby had a lil girl have sex w/ him. Nigga may wanna hide this footage or sum shit

  • ms.truthhurts

    This is very disturbing

  • XFactor

    Man I came to this bitch thinking yall had some proof baby molesting Wayne hahaha.

    • Sasha


    • da-rza

      shit we got proof. have you ever seen da pic of them makin out and shit

  • kimboDice

    whoa!!!!!!!Get the fuck out of town!!!!

  • poeman

    Is this nigga stupid. Why say all of that on camera??? and to a 15 year old at that lol

  • candyman

    that shit CRAY!!!!!

  • dj karma

    11 years old though. the lil nigga couldn’t even bust a nut yet. Baby u wrong for this

  • Bam

    I watched the video and can say that I am very shocked. Why is he picking on a little kid around other adults. Why would he put in that position of peer pressure. And how old was Baby at the time of this incident??? Many questions

  • Cashville

    Fuck what yall talkin bout. I wish I had a daddy like birdman to set me up with girls.

    • ‘lissa

      so I guess you wouldn’t mind if he set you up to contract an STD

  • Butta

    I mean it was consensual…lol

  • Brittney

    Twist looks so uncomfortable in there. Wayne shouldn’t have put the spotlight on him like that.

  • Dre

    Was that Nicki Minaj sitting on the couch?

  • Tipsyndrippin

    I would have raped his lil ass too with his fine ass. Young Mula baby

  • Kraftnmypocket

    thats fucked up. he had no business experiencing sex at such a young age. He should have enjoyed his childhood and the sad part is that he had a baby 4 years later

  • teresa

    he should have kept that to himself…

  • rico

    u see how quiet the room got when he said, “Ima do you like how Bay and em did me” They thought he was talking about something else. ctfu

  • da-rza

    any man that calls himself Baby is questionable

    • lady313

      i know right.

    • DaORacle


  • ImRickJamesBitch!!!!!

    hey Cocaine is a hell uva drug

  • Craig

    11 years old??? i don’t believe this one bit. I mean come on, 11!

  • leslie

    I saw the video. Cash Money Records should be investigated for this type of behavior…peace

    • ‘lissa

      Investigated aint the word. They should be shut down

      • tbagz

        it aint that serious yall

  • Melissa

    I actually feel sorry for little wayne. baby literally treated wayne like a little toy and to see the behavior exhibited by them today explains a lot. They kiss each other on the mouth for crying out loud

  • powwow

    that was the weirdest shit I ever saw in my life

  • keishacold

    i watched both of the videos and came up with this conclusion. the 14 year old girl was instructed by a 30 year old man to perform oral sex on an 11 year old. This is truly some sick twisted shit. This can’t be real

  • dabruhs

    Twist must have taken him up on his advice because he ended up bangin Kat Stacks ROFL!!

  • Destini

    sooo he is proud that he had a baby at 15 by woman that he isn’t with today

  • sloppyjoes

    damn i wish birdman was my daddy

    • Caleb

      Why so you guys can french kiss

  • piedpiper

    that nigga baby was pimpin 14 year old girls n shit. i can’t respect that yo

  • blak

    that shit is culture. i don’t know why everybody actin all surprised and shit. everybody fuckin by at least 13 in the hood. shit is real

  • Scottyb

    that was funny af but hey he kept it real i aint mad

  • YCMB4life

    fuck the haters. yung Money gon continue to shine fuckin young bitches all day. erything yung with yung money

  • Sarah

    I just don’t understand why he is glorifying this criminal act. An 11 year old doesn’t know anything about sex. His mind should have been on receiving an education and participating in recreational activities not hanging around older hodlums and engaging in sexual acts. This was totally inappropriate then and unacceptable now. And you also have to ask yourself “where were his parents at?” Why was “Baby” hanging out with an 11 year old or vice versa. Many questions to be answered.

  • iAMhiphop

    we gots to do better

  • boo-laid

    leave my mula baby alone

  • kingschit

    man fuck yall. i still rock wit cash money/yung money

  • amanda

    oh my lord, there was like a million things wrong with that video

  • wayne#1fan

    O-M-G! @ both videos but mainly the video in which he was describing his first sexual encounter. Baby should be locked up 4 life you hear me. He is without a doubt a PERVERT. They sat and watched as 2 underage children had sex. This is an outrage beyond what words can describe. I feel so sorry for little wayne. we don’t know what type of manipulation he had to endure by that monster. I pretty sure the only one that knows his soul is Toya. I will pray for you lil wayne

  • lady313

    this is clearly abuse and Baby should be investigated.

  • freebands

    all my niggas been fuckin since 12

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  • kylie

    I know it might be in black culture to have sex early, but 11 is way too young! You can’t corrupt a little child with shit like that! I feel so bad for Lil Wayne especially cos he’s “joking” about the whole situation

  • Yo, I heard that during Katrina, Wayne and Baby got trapped in the French Quarter, the nights was cold and a nigga had to do what a nigga had to do, straight Broke Back Quarter. Y’all feel me? Nigga had to do what a nigga had to do. Baby and Wayne is lovers yo. Wayne wears Victoria’s Secret panties cause that what Baby like.

  • niggaz so wht if he got sexually abused long as he had fun doin it i mean tht waz tha past he talks jokes bout it cause it was kynda stupid n silly but thts hw gangsta n niggaz act in tha hood so u can hate it or love it wayne still lost his virginity at 11

  • firegirl

    It is what it dats how dey do it n da 504 yall aint know

  • firegirl

    It is what it is dats how dey do it n da 504 yall aint know

  • @youn_hope

    Wish i was lil twist i would have told wayne to get me a bitch.big ups to birdman and lil wayne.

  • @youn_hope

    Follow me on twitter @youn_hope or @asap_hope.wish i had a father like birdman.

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