Did Brian “Baby” Williams Sexually Abuse Lil’ Wayne?

“Ima do you like how Baby did me.”
– Lil’ Wayne to Lil’ Twist

A day earlier, Kollege Kidd presented our visitors with footage of Lil’ Wayne describing his first time having sex on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Here is what Lil’ Wayne had to say:

“The girl was older than me and she cut the lights off. I don’t know what happened. She pulled my pants down. I was 11 and she was like 14. When she pulled my pants down, I went to feel her like what are your doing and I felt she was naked. Then I stopped like oh.”

(Click here to head over to Collegiate NetVision CNV to watch full interview)

We have footage of Lil’ Wayne pressuring then 15-year-old Young Money label mate Lil’ Twist to have sex. The Young Money founder then proceeds to tell Lil’ Twist about his first time. Lil Wayne said:

“I got raped when I was 11, Twist. I loved it. I ain’t never press charges. I’ma do you like Baby and them did me. I’ll never forget that day. They was all in the kitchen, I was scared. There was about this many ni**as and s--- there too. I’ll never forget the words, too. ‘Suck little Wayne’s little dick!’ I was sitting on the couch. Everybody was in that b***h. Those n----- was like talking, ‘Girl you know such a good d**k sucker. Boy that b***h suck all night. B***h suck little Wayne d**k.’ I’m sitting there like, Shorty! I aint never had this happen… I was a different man after that. I was Lil’ Wayne.”

This story raises many questions. And the person who needs to do all the answering is 42-year-old Brian “Baby” Williams.

From Lil’ Wayne’s rant he appears to be proud of this moment. But in the Jimmy Kimmel video, Lil’ Wayne tells Jimmy Kimmel, the girl he had sex with was 14-years-old!

The two versions of Lil’ Wayne’s story are slightly different but share strikingly similar details. Are we to presume that Baby coerced a 14-year-old girl to give Lil Wayne oral sex?

We must not forget in the Lil’ Twist video, Lil’ Wayne says Baby and others said how good of a performer the mystery girl/woman was at oral sex. This allows us to conclude (if this in fact a 14-year-old girl) that Baby sexually abused a young girl.

The story Lil’ Wayne tells is very disturbing. What is even more disturbing is Lil’ Wayne emasculating Lil’ Twist for being a virgin. Lil Wayne proceeds to tell Ll’ Twist he is going to set him up with a female just as Baby had done for him.

We must remind the reader that Lil’ Twist is 15-years-old. In this video, Lil’ Wayne tells Lil’ Twist he had his daughter when he was 15-years-old. As he teases Lil’ Twist about being a virgin, he also glorifies teenage pregnancy. This message he is sending to this young man is inappropriate.

The behavior Lil’ Wayne exhibits is chilling. Lil’ Wayne pressures Lil’ Twist just as Baby pressured him to have sex. If Lil’ Twist were to take Lil’ Wayne’s advice, he will pressure another young man later down the road. It will be a generational trend.

There is cause for much concern for Lil’ Wayne’s version of his first sexual encounter. We, at Kollege Kidd, cannot verify at this point whether the young woman Baby coerced to perform oral sex on Lil’ Wayne is in fact 14-years-old, but we can conclude that Baby did indirectly sexually abuse an 11-year-old Lil’ Wayne.

To view video of Lil’ Wayne describing his first time in detail, head over to Collegiate NetVision (CNV) by clicking here.

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