God’s Son Nas Debuts New Video ‘Daughters’

Hip Hop living legend Nasir Jones, better known to all as Nas, debuted his highly anticipated music video for his song titled “Daughters.”

Nas and famed music video director Chris Robinson took a genius approach to shooting the fathers’ anthem for their daughters. The entire video was shot in first person P.O.V. through the eyes of Nas’ daughter Destiny Jones.

With P.OV., Nas aimed to show us what his daughter witnessed at a young age and how it affected her later on in life.

“Plus she’s seen me switching women, pops was on some pimp sh*t, she heard stories of her daddy thuggin,” he raps. “So if her husband is a gangster can’t be mad, I’ll love him.”

This simple aspect of the video is why we regard Nas as one of greatest Emcees to ever grace the mic. He not only told a personal story as a father in the video, but also aimed to enlighten and teach all of the future parents.

Nas mentions in the song that loose parenting on his part may have caused his daughter to enter a rebellious phase.

“A box of condoms on her dresser then she instagrammed it. At this point I realized I aint the strictest parent.”

We see Nas battle with himself through the song as he questions himself on whether he has done a good job rearing his child.

In the song, he raps “Shoulda drove on time to school with her, I thought I dropped enough jewels on her,” meaning he thought he gave her enough knowledge.

Robinson said he and Nas were happy to take the P.O.V. approach with the video.

“Right off the bat, he really loved the idea of the P.O.V.,” the video’s director, Chris Robinson, told MTV News. “I think that this song for Nas is so personal, everything in the song is real, that he wanted to share this moment with his fans, with the world, and it was actually his suggestion. I was ready to cast someone, and he was real calm and said, ‘Hey, Dest is gonna be here, I think we need to keep it real.'”

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Watch video below

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