Did Soulja Boy And GBE’s BallOut Create Fake Beef In Publicity Stunt?

An alleged act of robbery of Soulja Boy’s jewelry at the hands of Glory Boyz Entertainment member BallOut had social media abuzz. But a close look at BallOut’s Instagram account indicates that Soulja Boy’s supposed “robbery” tale may have been fabricated.

Soulja Boy claimed his Jesus piece necklace was robbed from his home Saturday, April 6, but numerous photographic evidence shows BallOut had the chain as early as Jan. 15.

Not sure whether Soulja Boy loaned the necklace or gave the necklace to the “I Got A Bag” rapper as a gift, but a robbery clearly didn’t happen.

Even more comical, a photo uploaded to Instragram on Jan. 31 shows Soulja Boy wearing a Glory Boyz sweatshirt alongside BallOut, Tadoe and Fredo Santana. Soulja Boy took his Jesus Piece back from BallOut for the photo.

But BallOut got the chain back in time that day as he enjoyed a chicken dinner meal.

BallOut was featured in Fredo Santana’s”Trap Life” music video and can be seen wearing the chain. The video was uploaded to Youtube on Jan. 22.

The two emcees initially went back and forth via social media in believable tirades.

GBE rapper BallOut verbally assaulted Soulja Boy via his Twitter account and bragged about stealing the SODMG rapper’s chain over the weekend.

“ME N My Niggas We Str8 Takn Shit #Squadddddddd


“N L.A. Pushin On Niggas Jus Too This Nigga @souljaboy Chain Des Niggas Fak As Shit I B Takin Shit #300shit,” BallOut wrote.

Soulja Boy sent a series of tweets early Monday saying the “I Got A Bag” rapper stole his chain from his home.

“See what u get when u try to show broke boys love a nigga grabbing a fake chain that’s not urs while ur away from home lol smh fuck em

“A nigga ain’t do nothing but show they true colors nigga that’s all

“Ballout grabbed a fake Jesus chain from my house while i wasn’t home so we took Tadoe watch now we even i will never fuck will y’all again,” he wrote.

GBE member BallOut attempted to make the charade much more believable by threatening to physically harm the “Pretty Boy Swag” rapper.

“@souljaboy Im Pistol Whippin Yu Wen I See Yu Dre Ur Not A Soulja ErrBody Know BallOut Took DeAndre Chain Tadoe What?You Wasn’t N Sight?” BallOut wrote on Twitter.

It is not entirely certain why these artists went to great lengths to spark a fake beef. But it is a common practice for industry artists to gain publicity.

What are your thoughts on GBE and Soulja Boy’s publicity stunt? Sound off below

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  • Lee

    I knew it! soulja n dat ballout cat are pussies

  • chiraqz

    so this nigga was flexin wit soulja chain da whole time. fuck nigga actin like he was hittin stains. he always had the chain lol

  • king dro

    well damn 😀

  • primetime mike

    soulja said he grabbed a fake chain from his home when wasn’t there but bruh had the chain for 4 months lol. i’m done lol

  • da rock

    DAMN DAMN DAMN! ctfu

  • Cameron

    Beef was real in chicago. In L.A. well not so much lol

  • tyrone

    haha nigga shouldve covered his tracks if they gon do a fake beef

  • shawn

    both of dem niggaz wack as fuck neway. i never believed it when it first came out

  • Kimmy

    leave my baby soulja boy alone

  • keepin it real

    u fuck niggaz have been exposed!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    well i be damned

  • Gangboy

    I said the same shit when soulja first said they broke in his house to steal the chain. I was like ballout been had that chain so I don’t know but the whole thing lame. ballout n gbe broke boyz. they cant buy their own jewelry. chief keef da only rich one. he worht 6 million. gbe gotta borrow chainz from soulja boy n shit.

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