RondoNumbaNine & Cdai Allegedly Shot Cab Driver Javan Boyd After Asking If He Was From Neighborhood

Javan Boyd was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Boyd, a dispatch driver, was murdered in cold blood around 4 a.m. on Feb. 22 while awaiting a fare in the 3700 block of South Princeton Ave.

Boyd, 28, was reportedly shot seven times in all, including, twice in the back and three times in the leg, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

Prosecutors allege RondoNumbaNine, whose birth name is Clint Massey, and Cdai, born Courtney Ealy, were part of a three-car entourage riding through enemy territory looking for revenge due to an earlier altercation with an unnamed party, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Rondo and Cdai allegedly sighted Boyd sitting in his vehicle and pulled their vehicle alongside his.

The two 600 rappers allegedly went to Boyd’s passenger door and asked if he was from the neighborhood. When Boyd replied he was from the neighborhood, Rondo and Cdai opened the passenger door and opened fire, according to the Tribune.

Rondo and Cdai allegedly rushed back to their vehicle and all three vehicles fled the scene.

Boyd was engaged to be married to longtime girlfriend and had an 11-year-old daughter prior to his death.

Rondo, 17, is being held on $2 million bail. Cdai was ordered held without bail.

Cdai, was released from jail on a robbery probation violation two weeks before Boyd’s murder.

Audio surfaced of Cdai on Jan. 30 revealing his arrest. The “My N****z” rapper was able communicate with fans through his cellular device.

“On L’A man, goofy ass police got me booked. On foenem, got me sitting in this car on Steve, cuffed up. All the guys man, keep yall head up. On foemen, I’ll be back down soon,” he wrote.

Cdai took to social media to shed more light on his current predicament in a series of posts:

“In da police car dey let me keep my phone

“On la im finna get lock up

“All da guys keep yall head up

“I love all my fans

“On la im booked im da police dey finna loose me,” he wrote.

Rondo and Cdai are partners in crime on the Hip Hop scene having collaborated on numerous songs, including, “Bail Out,” “Go Crazy,” “Get Sum Gwuap” and “Come Around.”

Rondo was an affiliate of Industry artists French Montana and Lil Durk and aligned himself with OTF Coke Boys. Cdai was a newly signed rapper with Fredo Santana’s Savage Squad Records.

Fredo proudly announced Cdai’s addition to his label in late December 2013.

“It’s official @CDAIGOT22SHOTZ SavageSquadRecords turn up

Cdai showed his loyalty to Fredo’s label with a “SSR” tattoo near his side burns on the right side of his face.

Cdai was prepping the release of his “3 Much” mixtape prior to his incarceration.

“#3MUCH #SSR #COMMINGSOON #RIPLACAPONE,” he wrote on Twitter.

Rondo’s rap career was on the rise prior to his arrest.

Lil Durk steered the teen rapper’s career in the right direction by adding him to his OTF label.

Rondo, born Clint Massey also purported to be a member of French Montana’s Coke Boy crew.

“French, I’m f*cking with French,” he said in an interview with Power 92.3’s Hot Rod. “That’s folks. OTF Coke Boy. That shit real. I’ma real Coke Boy. I’m f*cking with them man. I just left New York f*cking with them.”

Rondo collaborated with Lupe Fiasco for the “Life Of A Savage Remix,” a Snapback On Da Track production.

Rondo’s grind caught the attention of Young Jeezy.

Snow Man took to Twitter to shout out the “Play For Keeps” rapper.

“@RondoNumbaNine I c u homie, keep grindin! Chicago stand up!” he wrote.

Rondo responded, “@YoungJeezy salute bro fuck with me #Realniggas.”

Rondo even IG’d Jeezy’s tweet with a caption, reading, “Turn up s/O @youngjeezy fwm.”

RondoNumbaNine was also closely associated with Maybach Music Group rapper Meek Mill.

Meek post a photograph of himself with the “Life Of A Savage” rapper to his IG.

“#chitown @rondo600savage,” the caption on the photo read.

Meek invited Rondo onstage during a recent performance of his song “Dreams & Nightmares Intro.”

Rondo recounted the live experience a “motivation.”

Rondo previously attended a studio session with Meek Mill and caught the Philly rapper laying down some tracks.

“Studio @meekmill,” the caption on Rondo’s IG post read.

Lil Durk’s young protégé even knows Meek on a personal level as the two found time to face time.

“Real Niggas #FuckDemFake #FuckinAroundOnFacetime,” Rondo wrote on his IG post.

Check out Rondo and Cdai’s collaborative music videos below:

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  • Anonymous

    damn dey killed him for no reason :'(

    • Rondo’s Cell Mate


  • Rondo snitching

    Rondos a snitch. How would they know they asked the cab nigger if he’s from here if rondo didn’t snitch?

    • Anonymous

      maybe it was on tape.

      • Rondo snitching

        Most security cams don’t have audio and if it did I doubt they were talking loud enough for it to hear it

  • samson

    rip 2 the cab driver

  • Cdai22shots

    I stole my phone back but dey still got me locked up ima be good tho I love my fans

    • Cool guy

      I love u


  • Chicago Bull

    Cdai was a real hitta he has about 4 bodies on him now smh. Rondo got dropped earlier that day by some YM nigga so that’s why they went back for revenge.

  • Toronto

    rondo snitched how they find his phone at the sene yet the police let him keep his other phone to wipe anything they may imdict him on as evidence. damn

    • Anonymous

      dummy that was an earlier arrest that was a few weeks ago

  • Anonymous

    idk who tellin but somebody tellin

  • Anonymous

    Booka probably the one snitching. He was in the same car as rondo and cdai that night. Check rondo’s instagram the night of the murder.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    shit got real

    • 600 Boi

      Rondo gonna be innocent not so sure bout Cdai

      • Anonymous

        no he aint innocent. did you even read the damn story? he probably snitch on himself and cdai gay ass.

        • 600 Boi

          What evidence they really got tho?? Fingerprints a good lawyer can smash that video of the murder? It’s 4am you can’t see anything cuz it’s dark af witnesses?? You need more than that…the only thing is Cdai phone at the scene and they could have stolen his phone during the altercation earlier that day

  • gshit

    i heard edai snitched wit his fat truck drivin azz

  • Anonymous

    dese niggas are done

  • Anonymous

    rondo didn’t snitch an they went back over a fight that earlier so went lookin for someone from that nabiorhood an cdai phone got found near the car during investigation they been looking for him

  • Tay599

    i bet tay600 snitch on they ass after cdai was gettin too hot

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Since they got la rondo ain’t been thinkin

  • All The Court Gon Try To Do Is Use Rondo n Cdai Lyrics As A Weapon Against Them If The Witnesses Dont Show Up . N It Was More Than Just Rondo n Cdai There That Night . Nd Rondo Didn Snitch . Cdai Da One Dat Dropped His Cell Phone At Scene n N His Cellphone He Was Basically Tellin His Homeboys Bout Da Murder . N Braqqin nd Sh.t . So How Couldve Rondo Snitch If Cdai Phone Had All Dat Shit n It . All Im Sayin Its A Possibility RONDO Iono Bout Cdai Might Beat The Case Kuz Dem Cameras Aint Gon Prove Shit Since It Was At 4 am On A Cold Snowy Morning nd Fingerprints Aint Enough To Convict Sumone Kuz Rondo Couldve Touch Da Car Earlier When They Had Dey Altercation Earlier Dat Day . So If The Witnesses Dont Show Up n None Of His Boyz Dont Snitch n Those Cameras R Blurred Rondo Can Beat The Case But Of Course Dey Might Try n Put A Charge On Him . But #FreeRondo n Cdai . RIP LA Capone n J Muney . 600

    • They better not put a charge on rondo . FreeDaGuys Fuck The Police

  • fuck 600 300 bitch we bdk

    Bitch we bdk so fuck 600 we STL so it fuck 600 BDKwe all screaming out fuck 600 man fuck rondo fuck cdai fuck edai fuck Lil durk fuck the whole 300 and somebody snitch cuz it said 3 cars pulled off after he died but still fuck 600 and 300 rip Jojo rip aiki rip tutu rip tooka fuck LA and j money

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