21 Savage On 23-Hour Lockdown In Detention Center

21 Savage is currently in a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center. He has been at the detention center since Sunday, Feb. 3.

ICE officials claim the Atlanta rapper is a native of the United Kingdom. Reports confirm 21 was born in London.

21’s manager and long-time friend Justin “Meezy” Williams revealed the “Red Opps” rapper is on 23-hour lockdown at the detention center.

ICE claims 21 arrived in America in 2005 on a non-immigrant visa, then overstayed when it expired in July 2006.

Meezy denies these claims, saying him and 21 go back to the third grade.

Meezy wrote, “Imma say this 1 time … Savage did not come to amaerica as a teen lol… me and him had the same 3rd grade homeroom teacher … shouts to Ms. Scott ..Stone Mountain elementary.”

One of 21’s attorneys, Charles H. Kuck, told TMZ ICE is “unnecessarily punishing” his client and intimidating him into leaving the country. Kuck said 21 applied for a U visa in 2017 and the application is still under review and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) knew about it, but didn’t take any action until his recent arrest.

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