50 Cent Says Jay Z’s ‘4:44’ Album Is ‘Golf Course Music’

#50cent says #jayz #444 is golf course music ? #gunit #rocnation

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50 Cent didn’t find Jay Z’s “4:44” to be exciting, referring to it as “golf course music.” Fif offered his thoughts on the album in an IG post, captioned, “I felt like I needed a pair of loafers on when I listen to jay s**t. LOL golf any one!!!”

“I listened to Jay s—, that 4:44. I thought the s**t was alright,” 50 said. “I liked the s**t. But I’ma keep it a hundred, the s— was a little … the s**t was too smart. I felt like I was supposed to be wearing like, glasses and s**t and tie like a f******g sweater around my waist. It was like Ivy League s**t.”

50 says people today are too high to understand the music.

“Now I’ma tell you the truth, n****s is high out here, so they don’t wanna hear that s—, they just wanna have a good time,” 50 said. “And f— that—you can’t be the best rapper at 47 because the new n****s is here. They coming with new s— going on. That’s why I was laughing with the Joe Budden …the Migos thing, ’cause they up. They up next, you gotta let the young n****s come in. N****s f—— with Future and all this…leave them n***s alone man, b, what the f— is the matter with you man. I ain’t gon’ hold you up son, that s— was like golf course music.”

Jay is still laughing to the bank despite 50’s criticisms. Jay Z’s “4:44,” released on Thursday, June 29, has achieved RIAA platinum certification in less than a week.

Jay Z posted a photo of himself with his platinum plaque with RIAA Chairman and CEO Cary Sherman.

“Props to JAY, he’s done it again!” Sherman said in a statement. “Another Platinum albums add to an already iconic career.”

#JayZ has already gone platinum with his 13th studio album "4:44" ?? #444

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