St. Lawrence Gangster Disciple CashOut Says Slain Chicago Teen Tooka ‘Did Hits’

In past interviews, Chicago rapper Cashout broke down the brewing beef between himself and Interscope Artist Chief Keef.

CashOut jumped into national spotlight after claiming to have slept with Chief Keef’s mother.

CashOut did this to get back at Chief Keef for disrespecting fallen friend “Tooka.”

“One of my lil’ homies got killed who was like a brother to me, which is Tooka,” CashOut said in an interview,” he said. “So I’m listening and he like ‘F*ck a Tooka Gang, I’m 3Hunna. Then another one of his song he said ‘F*ck a Tooka Gang, I let this ruger bang.

CashOut is referring to popular Chief Keef “drill” songs “3Hunna” and “John Madden.”

The beef between CashOut and Chief Keef deepened after Chief Keef took aim at Chicago street gangs St. Lawrence and BrickSquad Gangster Disciples “Diamonds” on debut studio album “Finally Rich.” CashOut is affiliated with St. Lawrence.

In “Diamonds,” Chief Keef raps, “And I’m riding in them foreigns ima ride off St.Lawrence/ I’mma ride on brick squad catch a n---- I’m scoring.”

In a recent interview, CashOut explained Tooka was heavy in the streets “doing hits.”

“Doing hits” means Tooka was a hit man targeting and shooting rival gang members.

“Motherf*ckers don’t know about Tooka. Tooka a bad a-- ni**a. Cash a-- ni**a. Swag a-- ni**a,” CashOut said. “Tooka was a good dude. Motherf*ckers don’t even know.”

Tooka, he said, did some sh*t.

“Now that he gone aint like I can implicate him in some s--- that’s gonna incarcerate him,” he said.”Tooka did what he do. Tooka did hits. Tooka was in the streets.

“N----- aint like that. With Tooka being a young n----. Tooka was out here living his life,” he said. “He wasn’t paying attention. A m----------- slid up and it was his time to go.”

Tooka was shot several times and killed by a masked gunman while awaiting a bus. He was 15.

CashOut explained his friends sought revenge for Tooka’s murder.

“That’s when my other n---- slid up and it was his time to blow,” he said. “A couple of yo ni**as drop, a couple of they ni**as drop.

“We aint mourn about tooka. We turned that s--- into a celebration. We gon let Tooka rest in peace. We gon rock out for him. We gon get this bag for him.”

Watch Interview below

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