BGSU Alpha Xi Delta Sorority Members Recovering from Deadly Crash

Two Bowling Green State University students are recovering after a fatal car crash that occurred more than three months ago, ABC 13 reports.

Alpha Xi Delta sorority members Kayla Somoles and Angelica Mormile are thankful to be alive following a wrong-way accident on I-75 that claimed the lives of three sorority sisters. The two students are still undergoing a rigorous schedule of rehab following multiple surgeries, ABC 13 reports.

Mormile, a broadcast journalism major at the university, told ABC 13 she wonders if there was anything they could’ve done differently to avoid the accident.

“I always wonder, you know, like, why did this happen to us?” she said. “Or if we could’ve stalled a minute later? I think about that every day.”

Somoles reveals she does get “upset” when thinking about the accident that claimed her friends’ lives, but realized she can’t “have anger” for something out of her control.

“My driver was not at fault for anything, and she saved me and my friend Angelica’s lives,” she said.

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