Boosie Disses Dead Rap Rival ‘Nussie’ In Unreleased Song

#boosie previews new music | cred: @thirtyvisuals

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Boosie is back on his Badazz sh*t. Boosie previewed a new record in his Thirty Visuals vlog. In this record, he disrespected slain rival Nussie.

Boosie raps, “You a h*e, you a p****y/You remind me of a p***y named Nussie.”

Nussie was shot and killed in February 2009.

A then-16-year-old Michael “Marlo Mike” Louding was charged with Nussie’s murder. Marlo Mike implicated Boosie in the murder, but later backtracked.

Marlo Mike is serving life in prison for the murder of Terry Boyd, another person Boosie was accused of killing. Boosie was found not guilty of Boyd’s murder.

Boosie and Nussie were involved in a heated rap beef after the slain rapper dissed Badazz in music to clout up his music career. Nussie spoke on the matter before his death.

“Bad a-- was just a marketing scheme for me to get in the rap game. I thought it was gonnabe real funny for me to take Boosie album cover and put my body on It, and name it ‘Mr. Bad A--.’ You know, it worked.’”

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