Chicago Teen Allegedly Kills 4 People In Retaliation For Father’s Murder

A 19-year-old Chicago man has been charged with killing four men at a restaurant in South Side Chicago Wednesday. Maurice Harris is suspected of killing the men in retribution for the murder of his 37-year-old father Jerry Jacobs.

Maurice Harris allegedly walked into Nadia Fish and Chicken in the city’s South Shore neighborhood last Thursday and fatally shot Emmanuel C. Stokes, 28, and Edwin Davis, 32, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Raheem Jackson, 19, and Dillon Jackson, 20, were fatally shot in different parking lots within a block of the restaurant, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

Several witnesses identified Harris as the shooter, according to

Chicago Police Commander Brendan Deenihan told the Tribune Harris did not offer a confession for his alleged crime.

“I don’t know what Harris was thinking because he didn’t tell us what he was thinking,” said Deenihan. “So I think a reasonable belief would be that his father got killed and then subsequently he shoots and kills these four people.

“Does he do that randomly? I mean, only he can answer that question,” the commander said. “I wouldn’t suspect he would just pick four random people on the street. That wouldn’t make sense to me.”

Prosecutors told DNAinfo the four victims were standing outside the restaurant when Harris emerged from a vacant lot armed with a semi-automatic handgun and opened fire.

The Jackson brothers were shot outside. Stokes and Davis ran into the restaurant to escape the gunfire, but were ultimately gunned down inside.

The Jackson brothers’ bodies were outside the restaurant and across the street in a yard. They were at the restaurant to visit their mother Georgia Jackson.

“I can’t keep doing this,” Ms. Jackson told the Sun Times. “I’m losing too many kids.”

Harris faces four counts of first-degree murder, according to the Chicago Sun Times. He was ordered held without bail, the Chicago Tribune reports.

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