Compton Artist Garren Questions Well-Known Crip Father On Absense In ‘Why Do Fathers Leave #FatherLessBae’

Many children are products of single-parent households in America. Many children credit their mother for assuming the roles of both parents during their matriarchal upbringing. Compton recording artist Garren counts himself among those who barely knew their father.

Garren’s father, a well-known member of the Crips street gang in South LA, didn’t develop a bond with his children because he was too busy running the streets and in-and-out of jail.

Garren, 22, borrows the theme from the viral social media “Hurt Bae” video for his very own original sketch titled “Why Do Fathers Leave? #FatherLessBae.”

Garren had the opportunity of sitting down with his father to get some much-needed questions answered regarding his absense from his life.

Among the questions Garren asked was what prompted his father to get in the streets.

“I grew up that way,” his father said. “My friends was in it. We were all buddies, so we all stuck together. That was gang. It was a gang. I wasn’t even thinking like that. I was just having fun against the law. It was exciting. I just kept going with it like that.

Despite Garren’s father involvement in the streets, he denies putting it over his children.

“I didn’t choose it over you guys,” he said. “I thought that as long as I do what I gotta do when I’m out here, it’ll help. I didn’t choose it over you guys because I thought I was doing the right thing.”

The absense of Garren’s father deeply affected him as it prompted him to turn to the streets in search of brotherhood. With no proper guidance, Garren was going the “Wrong Way.”

Garren details the dangerous route he was blindly following in his ‘Wrong Way” record, rapping, “I was on the wrong way, tried to stunt like my daddy, thought I was a crip/No idea what I’m bout to get in/Only problem is I didn’t really fit in/I remember I was 12, bout to be a Blood/Athens park on El Segundo, n****s showed me love/I didn’t even wanna bang, I wanted brotherhood/But when you really from the gang, you dying for the hood.”

Check out Garren’s “Why Do Fathers Leave? #FatherLessBae” above.

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