Chief Keef Calls New Jersey Baby Mama A ‘Fan,’ Says He Slept With Her On The First Night

Chief Keef and his New Jersey baby mama’s relationship continues to deteriorate. Sosa went on to blast the young lady, calling her a groupie he slept with the first night upon meeting her.

“These h*es these days think they know, I know how to play it my Moma taught me sorry! She didn’t like a slow kid don’t let how I am fool u.

“I done had a baby by a fan From New Jersey I f****d on da first night. And then y’all think Kaykay Moma 14. No she Same age me,” he wrote.

The latter statement is in reference to a viral story gossip entertainment website TMZ broke alleging the mother of Chief Keef’s daughter Kay Kay was in middle school.

TMZ staff wrote the “girl’s exact age is unclear,” but she “currently attends a Chicago middle school.”

TMZ went on to accuse Chief Keef of committing “criminal sexual abuse” and wrote he may have to register as a “sex offender.”

TMZ reported, “In Illinois, it is considered a misdemeanor for two people under the age of 17 to have sex … even if they’re in a consensual relationship. When both parties are between 9 and 17 years old, the older person commits a crime called ‘criminal sexual abuse.’”

DNAInfo reporter Mark Konkol later refuted those claims, saying the mother of Chief Keef’s daughter Kay Kay is 17 years old during and interview with “Morning Riot” on 107.5

Chief Keef previously issued a statement on the rumors, taking to Twitter to call the story “Fake.”

“Where Is This Fake A-- Chief Keef Had A Baby By A Middle Schooler? Cuz I cuda Sworn All my h--- Older den Me,” the 17-year-old rapper wrote.

Sosa suggested his New Jersey baby mama stay in school and commented she is a part of the child support gang.

“F**k dat tho yall I’m at work I got money to make. H*es gone live hard lives Better stay in school! #CSupport Gang,” he wrote.

Sosa shed a bit more light on his sexual experience with his ex-girlfriend. He alleged he didn’t wear a condom and that it occurred in her father’s BMW.

“She did Go on the first night Tho and I went raw all cuz she had her daddies BMW truck,” he wrote.

During the course of their relationship, Sosa beckoned followers to add his “baby mama” on IG. This one request earned the young lady a slew of followers.

“Tried to make her a lil famous It worked tho Thank me later,” he wrote.

Sosa’s comments come following news of infidelity on the young woman’s part.

The young lady has long taken to social media to express her affection for another man. She even went as far as referring to this man as her “other half.”

The young woman upped her scandalous ways a notch after posting IG footage of herself kissing her supposed lover.

“I know I Know It’s Bad, I can’t Stop Sweating Him #HeReallySleep #ImReallyBored #ILOVEHIMThou,” the caption on the footage read.

The actions of the young woman didn’t sit well with Chief Keef who lashed out in a series of subtle social media posts.

“Lmao Im In Rehab Til Feb 15 Baby To Bad #300,” he wrote.

Sosa’s post suggests the young lady is upset with him for not being there physically for her.

But as Sosa explains, he has no choice.

“B---- It’s A Court Order F--- U! I don’t Wanna be Want Me To Go on the Run?” he wrote.

“Dumb a-- H--

“Deez h---,” he added.

Sosa’s relationship woes prompted him to issue a bit of advice to the “fellas.”

“Fellas Never Trust ur B---- No Matterwat,” he wrote.

Chief Keef is a expecting baby boy with the young lady in January. The child will be named King Mon’e Cozart.

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