Chief Keef Says He Sold ‘300K’ Copies Of ‘Finally Rich’

Chief Keef is perhaps the most intriguing teenage rapper to hit the rap scene in some years. His hit song “I Don’t Like” set him on path to a lucrative Interscope recording contract and fame.

But Sosa’s record deal came with a one stipulation- sell 250,000 copies of his debut studio album “Finally Rich” by the year’s end.

Chief Keef revealed he has surpassed that number with just a month left in the year. Chief Keef took to IG to reveal this momentous news.

“I deserve a lot man. I sold 300thousand Copies,” he wrote.

“All that s--- Talkin I know I’m such a big Deal No Promotions, no commercials, And No Tour. Still Sold 300k Copies Almighty,” he wrote on his IG account.

Chief Keef, whose birth name is Keith Cozart, signed a deal of a lifetime when joining the Interscope Records roster.

In court records obtained, Keef’s contract will pay him $6 million over three years.

The “Ight Doe” rapper received a $440,00 advance. He additionally received $300,000 to cover the cost of his debut major label studio album “Finally Rich.”

Interscope even gave Sosa a separate three-year deal to build his very own label “Glory Boyz Entertainment.” Keef and manager Rovan Manuel, who each own 40 percent of the label, were paid a $440,000 advance. Interscope has to fork over another $200,00 for “overhead” expenses, which will cover office, travel, entertainment and “salary cost” and marketing.

Money will continue to pour in for Sosa.

Chief Keef took to Twitter to reveal he makes an astounding $100,000 per song.

“That’s crazy I Make hundred Thousand A Song #ShitCrazy!” Keef wrote.

If Sosa didn’t make his deadline, it is highly unlikely he would’ve been any worse off. Chief Keef’s giant fan base would’ve made it possible for him to enjoy a successful career as an independent artist.

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