Capo Disses King Louie & Mubu

Capo is the latest Glo Gang rapper to diss King Louie and his Mubu camp. The “G.L.O.N.L.” rapper slammed Mubu on Twitter, referring to the rap clique as “goofys.”

“Mubu Bka Gugu Gang fuckin goofys!” Capo wrote on Twitter.

Capo kept his verbal assaults coming in later posts.

“Can’t wait To See Queen Louie and His Gugu Crew Y’all see dis shit To Bitch made Ass Gds Shudnt have did Wat U Did Goofy

“Mubu A bunch Of hoes Who jus Suck Queen Louie Dick For fame and to be Known Goofy jerk Ass niggas The Queen Bought his deal it ain’t real!

“@gbe_tadoe On O Queen Louie and his Gugu Crew scary as hell Don’t wanna meet Up wen y’all ready Dm or Sumthin

“All u Nigga Takin group Pictures All Y’all posin Bitch ass niggas

“Sneak Dissin like a Hoe Or Sum U want Smoke Let us Kno Or Sumthin!” he wrote.

Capo’s post comes following an exchange of heated words between Glo Gang brother Tadoe and King L.

Louie slammed Tadoe for footage that surfaced showing the “Tadoe Tuesday” rapper getting extra amped to his music streaming inside a car.

King Louie posted the abovementioned video to IG with a caption, reading, “@064drocitykrump look @ dis hoe ass niggas faken high witta mf dat don’t kno 2 beat da shit out off like da hoe boy he is.

Tadoe soon learned of King Louie’s derogatory message, responding, “Mannn who da fuck is dis rappin ass nigga name kingLouie been rappin ten years still ain’t on shit fuck u want a s/o u fuckin GOOFY! GLOGANG.”

GBE & MUBU have not been on good terms. Chief Keef’s Glo Glang and King Louie’s MUBU camp were involved in a physical altercation at an Iowa concert in May.

The two crews bumped heads during Lil’ Durk’s “Dis Ain’t What You Want” performance.

During the altercation, Glo Gang rapper BallOut’s Jesus piece chain, which previously belonged to Soulja Boy, was snatched. It subsequently ended up in the hands of a young man from Davenport, IA.

Davenport native Cameron Oliver took to Facebook to say he had Soulja Boy’s chain.

“No Play Play We Here… Contact Soulja Boy Tell em We got his shit….” he wrote.

King Louie took to Instagram to comment on the incident, threatening and calling BallOut a “Fake Thug” in the process. He further added that BallOut is not welcomed in Chicago.

“Naw dis was chain ballbout took from soulja boy and a fan took it from from @balloutbayyy bitch he betta stay out the city

“#ITsOnlySoLongFakeThugsCanPretend,” King Louie wrote.

Chief Keef recently took aim at King Louie and MUBU in song snippet “War.”

“That bitch called Chief Keef cheap? Bitch, I’m not no MUBU man!” Sosa raps.

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