Chiraq OG JoJo Capone On Lil Durk & Game Beef: ‘It’s Good For Hip Hop’

Forbez DVD caught up with Chicago OG JoJo Capone for his thoughts on the brewing beef between Lil Durk and Game.

Game inserted himself in Durk and Tyga’s beef after dropping some rhymes in the YMCMB rapper’s track “Chiraq To LA.”

But Game angered many in the streets of Chicago after he name-dropped several prominent Chicago figures, including, L.E.P. Bogus Boys, Bump J and BD Twins.

JoJo Capone believes the attention the diss tracks are drawing is “good for Hip Hop.”

But Capone says it shouldn’t go further than that. Artists, he said, have to travel to make money in different markets.

“Durk just stated it’s just rap,” he said. “If you in the industry, you gotta go all these major cities, so to get shut out of one, you know you shouldn’t even be a rapper. You gotta travel, you gotta go to these markets.”

Capone also stated the conflict with Game and Tyga could possibly have a positive effect on Chicago and bring warring gang factions together.

“… The music can bring everybody together,” Capone explained. “Hopefully, it bring Count with Durk. Durk can return the favor and jump on a record with Count and whoever else…just to continue it going.

“It’s actually funny cause Nicki Minaj and Lil Herb is behind the whole beat,” he continued. “She probably never thought it would spiral out of control like that. I’m sure she didn’t.”

Capone said he wasn’t surprised by Game hopping in Tyga’s beef with Durk. But said he doesn’t want everybody to see the beef as “L.A versus Chicago.”

“That’s what Game do… it ain’t nothing new under the sun,” he explained. “This Hip Hop. This s**t Kool Moe Dee, LL Cool J. If anybody try to take it out of proportion, that’s something he got to deal with. How you gone make a public beef like that on record for all eyes and ears to hear and then you turn that into reality. Is you serious? You might a-- well gone head and walk into the precinct or your local jailhouse.

“The sh*t ain’t that serious to me,” he added.

Capone said he doesn’t plan to hop in the booth to go at Game.

“That sh*t ain’t got nothing to do with me. Them n****s can handle it however they wanna handle it,” he said. “Sh*t is rap. Get your a-- in the booth and you make the song. You tryna get credibility. I don’t need it…cause that’s all this s--- turn into…publicity stunts. I don’t play the publicity stunt games. I don’t do the diss records. Any issue I had, I addressed it head on. I’m just a different kind of dude. They don’t make em like me no more.”

Capone again reiterated his stance on keeping the beef within the realm of Hip Hop.

“What the f*ck is this spilling over to the streets for? The streets ain’t got sh*t to do with that,” he said. “The streets ain’t got sh*t to do with no rap sh*t. The streets is the streets and rap sh*t is rap sh*t. The streets is not entertainment. That sh*t right there is entertainment.”

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