Comedian Lil’ Duval Makes Fun of Girl With No Arms

Atlanta comedian Lil’ Duval is back at creating controversy with his brash brand of humor.

The comedian, born Roland Powell, made fans uneasy early Wednesday after making fun of a woman with no arms.

“Man I just got off this girl Instagram page that has no arms. I know im wrong but i can’t stop laughing,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Lil’ Duval then uploaded a photo of the young lady.

“I blurred her face and name out cuz I didn’t wanna embarrass her but this shit funny,” he wrote.

The comedian pondered how she was able to upload her photos to Instagram.

“The shit real cuz she has at least 60 other pics on her Instagram and people telling her she’s sexy,” he wrote.

Duval’s tweet gets disturbing as the tone becomes sexual as he wonders “#WatDatMoufDo?”

Duval apologizes to the “no arms community.”

“Aight I’m done I apologize if I’ve offended the no arms community. I’m a comedian damn it,” he wrote.

The mystery woman, Diamond Excell, soon revealed herself and told Duval he didn’t “offend the no arm” community.

Duval then proclaimed to followers the “no arms girl” wasn’t offended, but soon threw in a joke, asking, “how are u tweeting?”

Duval still received backlash for his insensitive humor.

Twitter user @_junglefever wrote, “i think ur funny a.f but that female witt no arms…u know u crossed the line thats not kool.”

Lil’ Duval shot back at the criticism, saying, “Y’all tripping harder than she is. and I’m not even shitting on her. Get out y’all hoe ass feelings.”

He then shared a video featuring the woman, which tells her story of the struggles of being without arms.

Diamond Excell told Lil’ Duval “if we gon joke lets all get in on it! Be careful what you take for granted! I’m just saying!! One love!!”

Lil Duval replied, “‪@I_E_xcell u got it. I hope a lot more people watch your story now.”

Watch Diamond Excell’s story below

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