Shy Glizzy Responds To Memphis Goons Stealing His Chain

Shy Glizzy has spoken out for first time since he was robbed for his chain Saturday, Dec. 19 at Dream nightclub.

The D.C. rapper posted a series of messages onto his Twitter account:

“n****z got tha chain off tha floor. that ain’t no robbery, that’s a h-- move

“we was two deep! It was a lose lose situation but a n***a still ain’t go like nothing

“I slip’d up and got comfortable but that come from tha amount of love I show other n***z. never again

“What goes around comes around


“keep your rap n****z separate from your trap n****z. cause they ain’t tha same

“for every action, there’s a reaction.. chain-reaction!” he wrote.

Memphis Cartel goons have doubled the asking price of Glizzy’s chain to $100,000.

Cartel member @hotb5y_angelo posted a video onto IG where he laid out his demands.

“You want yo sh*t back, n*gga? You better come get it,” he said. “I need a [$100,000]. F*ck wrong with you, n***a.”

The caption on his post read, “CARTEL bidness 100k For Yo Chain Back P*ssy #dt @shyglizzy.”

The Memphis goons initially stated they wanted $50,000 for the chain.

“We need 50 for this motherf****r,” one of the men in the video said.

The goon said he asked Shy Glizzy nicely if they could do a song with him. But Glizzy, he said, told them to get the f**k out their face.

In a video we posted yesterday, members of the Cartel stated they wanted $10,000 for the chain during a call with Yo Gotti affiliate Blac Youngsta.

“What yall doing for the cartel, bruh? Nothing,” one of the young men said in the call. “Tell bruh he can drop about [$10,000] or we don’t even wanna rap. Don’t even book him down here nomore, bruh.”

It was even revealed Yo Gotti has gotten involved in the ordeal. Shy Glizzy is signed to Gotti’s CMG label.

“What’s up with Gotti talking bout he put [$35,000] on my little brother head,” the young man said on a call. “Bruh said he got 35 bands for whoever get the chain. He don’t care how they get it.”
A member of Memphis cartel alleged Shy Glizzy was on his way back to the Blues City to reclaim his chain.

“They say Glizzy on his way back to Memphis, man,” th goon said while holding a chopper. “Memphis ain’t no motherf*****g place you can play at. That’s real sh*t, dog.”

Memphis rapper P. London blamed security for Shy Glizzy’s chain being stolen.

“Yall really think this sh*t funny,” she said. “Dude got real fans here. That man just came here to do a show. He f**k with Memphis and yall take the man chain? And yall posting it thinking that sh*t funny? That sh*t ain’t cool, man. Karma a motherf****r, though.

“Security pitiful as hell,” she continued. “Nobody should’ve got that close to dude. …I don’t blame nobody but the security. …For a m----------- that get paid to their job, they pitiful.”

Memphis Cartel members have proudly paraded the chain around in the last few days.

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