Duke Da Beast Talks Struggle Living In Tay City, Chiraq, Says He Used To Hit Stains To Smoke Weed

Duke Da Beast regards himself as a veteran in the streets of Chiraq. He has seen it all and done it all. Duke resides in the Tay City area of Englewood, South Side Chicago.

“I been around this motherf-cker prolly 20 something years,” the “Yung Trend Setta” artist told Zack TV.

“When you was a shorty this sh-t was fun; then as you get older you see the real struggle in this sh-t,” Duke said. “We was young. We was hitting stains just to smoke weed and sh-t. This sh-t everyday. You gotta do something to make this sh-t count.”


Duke said it’s imperative for a person keep their pole on them in his neighborhood.

“A motherf-cker died like a week ago down the street,” he said. “Sh-t be f-cked up. A lot of negativity. Me personally, I’m a real n-gga, been there, done that. I ain’t with all that negative sh-t. I’m tryna check a bag.”

Duke says now that he’s a “quarter horse” he is staying away from the negativity that comes with the streets. He does admit to being involved in the same negativity younger kids are now dabbling in.

“As I get older, I learn so I still try to give back to the shorties; like what you doing, that sh-t ain’t gon last long,” he said.

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