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Famous Dex Disses XXL For Saying Footage Of Him Beating Girlfriend Is Reason He’s Not In 2017 Freshman Class

#famousdex disses XXL for saying he got denied from 2017 Freshman Class for beating up his girlfriend ? (pt 1)

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Famous Dex is no longer rocking with XXL after the magazine’s editor-in-chief Vanessa Satten revealed the reason he was not selected for 2017 Freshman class. Satten told the radio jockeys over at Power 105’s The Breakfast Club that footage of Dexter assaulting his girlfriend was the deciding factor in him not making the cover.

Dexter called out Satten and XXL Thursday on IG Live.

“That’s the reason you could come up with that? That lady? That f*****g lady right there? Mam, you too disrespectful,” Dexter said. “B***h, she just had my son! F**k you talking about you fat a– b***h. …You could’ve at least said congratulation you fat a– b***h. Tried to put me all out. She just had my son, b***h. She still with me. …I don’t give no f**k about no XXL now. I’m boutta get disrespectful.”

#famousdex goes off on XXL ? (pt 2)

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Satten cited “political issues” as the reasoning behind Dexter not making the 2017 Freshman class.

“We argued a lot over the Famous Dex situation,” she said. “There are a lot of political issues there. I’m not really sure so much how long it’ll take to clear up before you get to the next level. …There’s a hurdle to get over there and I don’t know if right now it’s gonna happen.”

Satten went onto say Dexter’s situation is different from XXXTentacion because the assault of his girlfriend was caught on camera.

X was jailed for beating up his pregnant girlfriend.

“I think the thing with X is the people’s champ and he hasn’t been found guilty of anything so you gotta let that play out, and that’s who the people wanted,” she said. “… No matter we‘ve never really kinda been in the situation we had to deal with political issues like this caught on camera. It’s kinda the first time. I definitely think Dex is a good rapper. For us it’s trying to predict the future on who’s going to blow up. I think that’s going to be a challenge for him.”

Dex suffered greatly for last year’s mistake having lost his endorsement deal with Pink Dolphin.

Famous Dex and his girlfriend recently welcomed a son into the world last week. The “Dex Meets Dexter” rapper spoke on the issues he had with his baby mama after his child’s birth.

“She been here on my side,” Dex said. “We’ve been through ups an downs. We stick around each other. Them real relationships know how it feel.”

Dex said the birth of his child has inspired him to become a better person.

“It’s time to think big. It’s no more about me,” Dexter said. “If y’all think I changed, blame it on the little man. If y’all think I became a lame, blame it on the little man. It’s time to become fathers. It’s time to do what the f**k I gotta do for my son. My son and my daughters.”

#famousdex celebrates birth of son, praises baby mama #ohhmanngodddamm #dexmeetsdexter

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