FBG Duck & Family Mourn Loss Of Younger Sister Killed In Fire

FBG Duck is currently mourning the loss of his younger sister LeAndrea White after she was killed in an apartment fire.

The fire began after the 3-year-old girl allegedly set fire to a mattress with a lighter in her apartment, the Chicago Tribune reports.

LeAndrea’s twin sister alerted her mother LeSheena White who then worked to put out the fire, but to no avail. White couldn’t locate her daughter during her frantic scramble to put out the flames.

Rumors spread that Duck was hurt, but his mother White took to Twitter to clarify the issue.

White issue a statement, writing, “YALL PLEASE PRAY FA US BUT DUCK DINT DIE, HIS 3year old lul sista juss died n da fire dat was at they house

Billionaire Black Duck also confirmed Duck’s condition.

“Ain’t Shit Wrong Wit Duck Dumb ass Fans,” he wrote.

Black additionally expressed support for Duck’s loss.

“Rip Twin rest Up Lil Siss,” he added.

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